Brusque draws with Grêmio in the crowded Augusto Bauer

With 5,603 fans at Augusto Bauer, Brusque and Grêmio drew 1-1 on Tuesday night, 19th, for the 19th round of Série B of the Brazilian Championship. Grêmio opened the scoring early in the second half with Bitello, but long afterward, Wallace scored the equalizing goal. With the result, Marreco ends the first round of the competition with 22 points, noting one of the six goals conceded by the tricolor in this initial half.

Good game, few chances

The first half was tough, but with few opportunities for both teams. For the most part, Brusque was superior to Grêmio, very present in the attack and with a lot of fighting and physical imposition in the midfield.

The main quadricolor weapon was on the left side, with Fernandinho and Airton, but Zé Mateus and Pará managed to get good combinations on the right. The crowd was pleased with the team’s performance, but Grêmio’s fans, crowding the entire uncovered sector next to Beira Rio Avenue, made a lot of noise.

In the first minute, Grêmio had a good moment from afar, with Bitello. He took a risk from afar, and Jordan, a little ahead, had to come back and swipe the ball over the goal. However, the tricolor barely threatened the goalkeeper in the rest of the first stage, with Brusque fitting in the marking very well and winning many duels in the middle. In the set pieces, Campaz was the taker, but he was far below the ideal, without finding his teammates in the area.

Brusque’s players participated a lot in the game, with enormous intensity without the ball, but Fernandinho stood out. At 13 minutes, after a cross by Zé Mateus from the right, shirt 11 amended a beautiful volley, but the ball went out. At 38, After a good exchange of passes, Airton served Balotelli on the bottom line. The midfielder was full of feet at the intersection, but Gabriel Grando hit the second post, with no leftovers for the quadricolor.

Gremio’s goal

In three minutes, Grêmio did more than they had done in 47 minutes of the first half. At 2, in error in the exit of the ball, Campaz received in the penalty area and kicked, but the ball was weak and Jordan made a good save. However, soon after, Bitello made a good move, scored with Biel and received as he wanted, inside the area. Face to face with Jordan, he had the peace of mind to finish and send it to the back of the goal.

Brusque’s goal

Brusque managed to recover soon after, at eight. In a free kick from the left, Airton lifted with precision and Wallace went up well, with his head, to swell the nets and make the crowd explode with emotion. The quadricolor was alive.


The match was still completely open. Brusque returned to populate Grêmio’s field more, recovering the level shown in the first half. Opportunities continued to be rare, with some kicks from outside the area by both teams. Even in these moments, Jordan and Gabriel Grando were little demanded, and the duels remained strong in the middle.

In the final minutes, Brusque was closer to the second goal than Grêmio, but they lacked the conditions for a clearer finish. At 47, Fernandnho received almost without an angle and tried from the left, but ended up sending it wide.

At the final whistle, the crowd threw a beautiful party at Gigantinho, applauding the Brusque team for their performance.

next game

Brusque visits Guarani in a match that starts at 11 am this Sunday, 24th, at Brinco de Ouro. On Saturday, 23, at 27, Grêmio will face Ponte Preta at home.

Brusque vs Gremio

Brazilian Championship – Serie B
19th round
Tuesday, July 19, 2022
Augusto Bauer Stadium
Total audience: 5,603
Income: BRL 455,550

brusque: Jordan; Pará (Edílson), Wallace, Everton Alemão, Airton; Zé Mateus, Rodolfo Potiguar, Balotelli; Álvaro (Gabriel Taliari); Crislan (Junior Todinho) and Fernandinho.
Coach: Luan Carlos

Guild: Gabriel Grando; Rodrigo, Geromel, Bruno Alves, Diogo Barbosa; Villasanti (Thiago Santos), Bitello (Sararé); Biel (Pedro Lucas), Campaz (Janderson), Ferreira (Elias Manoel); Diego Souza.
Coach: Roger Machado

Refereeing trio (SP): Luiz Flavio de Oliveira (FIFA), assisted by Miguel Cataneo Ribeiro da Costa and Daniel Luis Marques.

Goals: Bitello (3′-2nd); Wallace (8′-2nd).

Yellow cards: Álvaro, Fernandinho; Pedro Lucas.

Video referee: Igor Benevenuto (MG/FIFA)

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