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Citroën C3 2023 blue moving front.

The look of the new Citroën C3 is cheerful and youthful
Photos: Citroën Publicity

If you are analyzing the market in search of “cheap” zero-kilometer cars, keep an eye out that we still have at least three news on the radar. But remember that cheap is very relative when we talk about a country where the cheapest model has already surpassed the R$ 60 thousand barrier.

New Citroen C3

The most affordable launch among these “cheap” cars has to be the new Citroën C3. Presented in September of last year, the model should hit the market in the first quarter. However, due to the shortage of semiconductors, the model is expected for August. The bet is that its entry-level version arrives with a very striking price, around R$ 70 thousand, to later adapt itself among the main competitors.

The new Citroën C3, the first in our ranking of cheap cars arriving in 2022, will be built on the CMP platform, the same as the Peugeot 208. It measures 3.98 meters in length and has a wheelbase of 2.54 meters. The trunk of 315 liters is highlighted. While the entry-level versions bring a 1.0-liter naturally aspirated engine, with up to 75hp and 10.7kgfm of torque, the more expensive versions should come equipped with a 1.6-liter up to 120hp and 15.6kgfm.

Volkswagen Polo Track

Teaser with the front of the Volkswagen Polo Track.
The Polo Track will be the first product to be launched from Volkswagen’s new compact family.

The second representative of our top 3 cheap cars that are about to arrive is the Volkswagen Polo Track. As the model awaits the “death” of Gol to enter the scene, it is difficult to pin the date of its arrival. But, most likely, the model will arrive in early 2023.

The Polo Track will be manufactured in Taubaté and will give rise to a family of entry-level compacts. But Volkswagen hasn’t been a fairy godmother in terms of pricing for a long time. So, perhaps, if the brand manages to simplify the entry-level version of the current Polo, the Polo Track can maintain its current price, around R$78,000.

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As marketing, the German brand will also be able to keep the price of the Gol for a month, close to R$ 75 thousand, to then correct the value. The Polo Track should look like the current Polo, but with a new bumper, and black mirrors and door handles. The engine will be the same 1.0 flex, three-cylinder, with up to 84hp and 10.4kgfm.

New Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Polo was restyled in Europe in 2021

Even before the arrival of the Polo Track, the Volkswagen Polo continues its trajectory, gaining a restyling along the lines of the European model. However, according to images from Argentina’s industrial property institute that were leaked last week, the rear may not receive the taillights that invade the trunk lid. So, we can consider the hypothesis that the model retains the current shape of the lantern and only changes its internal pattern.

The big mechanical novelty is the arrival of a more tame 1.0 turbo engine (the 170TSI, as in the Up!), with up to 116hp and 16.8kgfm, for the entry package. The other versions follow with the 1.0 turbo (200TSI), with up to 128cv and 20.4 kgfm, and the 1.4 turbo (250TSI), with 150cv and 25.5 kgfm, for the GTS.

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