Eight states announce a reduction in the ICMS on ethanol. check out

Bahia, Distrito Federal, Goiás, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Pernambuco, Rio de Janeiro, Roraima and São Paulo reduced ICMS on ethanol.

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Last Monday (18), the governments of São Paulo and Minas Gerais announced the reduction of the tax rate on the Circulation of Goods and Provision of Services (ICMS) on ethanol. In addition to these two states, other federations had already reduced the tax on fuel, namely: Bahia, Distrito Federal, Goiás, Paraná, Pernambuco, Rio de Janeiro and Roraima.

Ethanol in Sao Paulo

In the largest ethanol consumer and producer state in Brazil, São Paulo, the ICMS charge increased from 13.3% to 9.57%.

Thus, the government estimates that there is a drop of R$ 0.17 in the liter of ethanol at the pumps. Thus, the initiative will have an impact of R$ 563 million on state revenue by the end of this year, with the waiver of monthly revenue expected at R$ 125.1 million, according to the state government.

Ethanol in Minas Gerais

In Minas Gerais, the ICMS rate was reduced from 16% to 9%.

other states

Since July 1st, the state of Rio de Janeiro has reduced ICMS on ethanol from 32% to 18%. On the same day, Ibaneis Rocha, governor of the Federal District, published a decree that reduced the ICMS tax on ethanol and gasoline from 27% to 18%.

Last Friday (15), the tax on ethanol went from 17% to 14.7% in Goiás. Also on Friday, in Paraná, the tax rate was reduced from 18% to 12%.

The government of Roraima decreed the reduction of the ICMS rate on gasoline, anhydrous and hydrated ethanol for fuel purposes and telecommunication services from 23% to 17%, on July 4th. In Pernambuco, a ceiling of 18% was established on the ICMS rate on fuel, electricity and telecommunications.

The government of Bahia, by means of a decree, reduced the ICMS rate on gasoline and ethanol to 18% since June 23.

States that have already reduced the ICMS rate on ethanol

  1. Bahia – reduction to 18%;
  2. Federal District – from 27% to 18%;
  3. Goiás – from 17% to 14.17%;
  4. Paraná – from 18% to 12%;
  5. Pernambuco – ceiling of 18%;
  6. Rio de Janeiro – from 32% to 18%;
  7. Roraima – from 23% to 17%;
  8. São Paulo – from 13.3% to 9.57%.

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