‘Face Melting’ is elected Emoji that best represents 2022

To celebrate World Emoji Day, netizens chose the fun symbol that best represents the year 2022. And the big winner was the melting face.

The poll was part of the World Emoji Awards, an award organized by Emojipedia that chooses the main symbols used on the internet. The result was announced last Sunday (17) and the dispute took place through a thread on Twitter.

The competition started on the 5th. There were 16 emojis selected by internet users in the first stage. Among them were the clown face, Ukrainian flag, flaming heart and even a garbage can.

In the final stretch, the watery face and the yellow smiley face melted in a puddle competed as the two most voted. He won with 54.9% of the vote.

It is worth remembering that it is very recent but in a short time it has won the hearts of users. The symbol was approved as part of Unicode 14.0 and added to Emoji 14.0 in 2021. It is available for iOS 15.4, Android 12L, Twitter and Facebook, with more platforms coming soon.

According to the website Emojipedia, it was created to represent extreme heat. But it can also have metaphorical meaning to talk about embarrassment, shame, or a “slowly sinking sense of dread”.

Most used emoji in 2022

The “little face holding the cry” also won a gold medal. Despite being defeated in the final of Twitter’s popular vote, it won as the most used emoji in 2022.

The analysis has been carried out on the main platforms since September 2021 and raised over 463 million tweets. The emoji is also quite recent, having been added to the catalog last September.

In second place in the general ranking was “Hands of heart”, in third the aforementioned “melting face”, in fourth the “face with peeking eye” and in fifth the “greeting face”.

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