Federal Revenue Auction has cell phones, notebooks and a Porsche

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The new IRS auction brings many surprising items for those interested, ranging from cell phones to sporting goods, notebooks and even a Porsche car. The IRS electronic auction is scheduled to take place on July 27th.

There are 206 lots with thousands of goods seized or abandoned at airports or border regions. Bidding prices start at R$300 and go up to R$1.2 million.

In the electronics area, there are 146 lots with just cell phones and accessories. There is even a coveted Macbook Air that starts with R$ 3 thousand, in addition to several lots of smartphones Xiaomi ― including a Note 8 with an initial price of BRL 2,400.

Your Porsche could be here

Among the most curious items at the auction is a 2003 Porsche 911 Carrera sports car, with a bid starting at R$120,000. The market value of this model reaches R$ 200 thousand. Whoever wins the Porsche will take the car free of fines, charges, tax debts or financial and administrative restrictions.

You can see up close the cars that will be auctioned or any other product in any of the 11 warehouses located in the capital of São Paulo, metropolitan region, coast and interior of the state. You need to schedule an in-person visit to these locations by July 25th.

You must also register your virtual bid for any of the auctioned items by July 26th. It is worth remembering that products purchased by individuals must be destined exclusively for use or consumption, and commercialization is prohibited. In the case of legal entities, the public notice provides for the destination of use, consumption, industrialization or commerce.

See the complete list of products that will be auctioned here.

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