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Some digital tools provide salary averages according to the position and profession

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The amounts of wages paid to workers differ according to the company in which they perform their duties. However, there is an average salary according to the professions that establish certain parameters for monthly income. Being aware of these values ​​is important to avoid huge salary discrepancies and to help with the negotiations of an employment contract.

Based on the average salary, it is possible to identify which companies pay their employees fairly.

Currently, there are some digital and practical tools that can assist in this research. It is important to remember that factors such as working hours and contractual conditions are essential to carry out this analysis.

Check out a list of some of the resources that prepare salary averages according to the profession.

Salariometer – Fipe

The Economic Research Institute Foundation (Fipe) provides a platform with the average floor per category according to the country’s states. In addition, it shares various content about the Ministry of Labor and Employment.

Salary Insights

This is a platform developed by Deel that discloses salary averages in different countries of the world.

Salary Guides

There are many salary guides that show the variations in salaries and the sectors that offer the most jobs.

In addition to these options, some other websites also offer information of this nature.

A survey carried out with data from the Caged (General Registry of Employed and Unemployed) pointed out the highest and lowest salaries in the country last year. According to the information, the average salary in the country was R$ 1921.19. See some positions.

higher salaries

Listed below are some of the highest salaries according to the positions held. There are countless others among these, the list was made considering different types.

  • Credit Officer (Except Real Estate Credit): R$ 37,134.38;
  • Human Resources Officer: R$ 25,790.85;
  • Procurement Officer: R$ 21,159.74;
  • Marketing Director: BRL 20,444.27;
  • Strategic Planning Officer: R$13,769.15;
  • Civil Engineer (Bridges and Viaducts): R$ 12,347.38;
  • Researcher in Economics: R$ 11,862.61;
  • Astronomer: BRL 10,986.35;
  • Editor-in-Chief: R$10,453.04;
  • Applied Mathematician: BRL 10,309.62.

lower wages

Listed below are some of the lowest salaries according to the functions performed. There are countless others among these, the list was made considering different types.

  • Forration Producer: R$ 1,175.81;
  • Registry of Deeds and Documents Official: R$ 1,179.08;
  • Sugarcane Producer: R$ 1,179.66;
  • Active and Receptive Telemarketing Operator: R$ 1,188.67;
  • Beekeeping Worker: R$ 1,261.96;
  • Newsboy (In Newsstands): R$ 1,263.44;
  • Port Guard: R$ 1,285.37;
  • Receptionist of Show Houses: R$ 1,306.25;
  • Attendant: BRL 1,313.22;
  • Worker of Cleaning Services and Conservation of Public Areas: R$ 1,314.15.

The data is an average for the year 2021 published by the MAG Longevity Institute.

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