Ilha Record fails, loses to SBT and debuts with the worst rating in history

Record continues to struggle to place new projects on its programming schedule: after the failure of the sixth edition of Power Couple Brasil, responsible for breaking a series of negative records for the format, the new season of Ilha Record also debuted without a breath. On its first day on the air, the competition led by Mariana Rios failed to get the attention of viewers in Greater São Paulo and had the worst performance in its history, with a rating lower than all episodes broadcast in 2021, still under the command of Sabrina Sato. .

According to consolidated audience data from the main metropolis of the country, obtained by the report of the Pop TV with market sources, the debut of Ilha Record 2 scored an average of 4.0 points and was surpassed by the 5.2 of Programa do Ratinho and 3.0 of the Arena SBT — Mariana Rios managed to stay in second place for only a few minutes of the confrontation with Benjamin Back’s sportsman. Until then, the worst rating in the history of the format was the 4.6 points recorded on the July 31, 2021 episode, which represented the first Saturday of the first season.

The reality show also represented a crater in Record’s Ibope in all possible comparative scenarios: the performance of the broadcaster’s authorial creation dropped the channel’s indexes by 17% compared to the last four seconds of Power Couple Brasil, which is based on a Israeli format, and the number was also 23% lower compared to the season six premiere of the dating competition on the night of May 2. Even the telenovela Amor Sem Igual, which preceded Ilha Record, lost 17% of the Ibope of the last four Mondays.

In addition to the general rejection of the public in Greater São Paulo to the latest moves made by Record, the failure of Mariana Rios’ debut as a presenter on the station also had the help of an external factor. Tela Quente, with the screening of the film Overcoming – O Milagre da Fé, scored an average of 22.6 points. The number represents the best performance of a feature broadcast in the Globo session since the night of August 31, 2020, when Black Panther recorded 27.1.

Check out the averages obtained by the programs of the main TV stations this Monday (18):

AVERAGE DAY (07:00/00:00)14.8
good morning SP7.1
Good morning Brazil8.3
Meeting with Patricia Poet6.7
More you6.8
Globe Sports11.2
Newspaper Today11.4
The Carnation and the Rose13.7
Afternoon Session: Miss Congeniality 2 – Armed and Powerful11.7
Worth Watching Again: The Favorite15.1
Beyond the Illusion19.6
face and courage21.9
National Journal25.2
Hot Screen: Overcoming – The Miracle of Faith22.6
Globo newspaper10.2
Conversation with Bial5.5
Face and Courage (replay)4.1
Comedy at Dawn: Vai Que Cola3.6
hour 14.8
AVERAGE DAY (07:00/00:00)5.3
General Balance Sheet1.8
Record 24h newspaper2.3
General Balance Sheet Manhã SP2.7
Speak Brazil3.0
General Balance Sheet SP6.5
Flames of Life4.7
Record 24h newspaper4.0
Alert City7.3
Record 24h newspaper3.9
City Alert SP9.1
Record Journal8.2
All the Girls in Me4.1
Love Without Equal3.4
Record Island 2 – Debut4.0
District 212.0
Record 24h newspaper1.7
between the lines1.1
Universal Church0.5
AVERAGE DAY (07:00/00:00)4.5
First Impact1.8
First Impact 2nd Edition3.7
Family cases3.3
Beware of the Angel4.9
Copa America Women: Venezuela vs Brazil4.8
SBT Brazil5.5
Poliana Moça6.9
Angel’s face6.4
Mouse Program5.2
Arena SBT3.0
The Night2.8
Operation Mosque2.2
Who hasn’t seen it will see: Goliath School and My Brother-in-Law1.7
The Best of Connection Reporter1.6
SBT Brazil 2nd Edition1.7
AVERAGE DAY (07:00/00:00)2.5
Let’s go SP0.9
Let’s go Brazil1.0
The Chef with Edu Guedes0.7
Bora Brasil 2nd Edition1.0
Open game2.8
The Ball Owners2.5
Good afternoon Sao Paulo1.5
best of the afternoon1.6
Brazil Urgent4.3
Brazil Urgent SP4.2
Band Journal4.6
Faustão in the Band (re-presentation)2.8
Double Dose Challenge1.6
Wild Planet1.4
Night news1.4
Band Elections1.2
What End Did It Take?1.0
Total Sport1.1
More Geek – Debut0.7
Savage Planet (replay)0.5
Jornal da Band (re-presentation)0.6
1st newspaper0.9

Each point represents 74,666 households and 205,755 individuals in Greater São Paulo.
Data provided by broadcasters

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