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Leticia Colin is a chameleon and there’s no denying it! The actress always gives herself to her work and, therefore, she has shaved her head, was once blonde, had a very short fringe and much more. This time, it was no different. Leticia gave herself to her newest character in the soap opera “Todas as Flores”, which premiered in October on Globoplay, and joined the sidecuta cut that shaves the side of the hair.

See the moment of the cut in the video above! ▶👆

See the before and after of Leticia Colin’s hair — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Leticia Colin changes her look to play Vanessa in ‘All Flowers’ — Photo: TV Globo

And it was Leticia who came up with the idea for the new look. she revealed that suggested this model to the characterization of the plot and it happened!

“This cut was a joint creation. I took an idea to Lucila Rubirosa, the soap opera’s characterist, and she got on board. It’s a hair that we cover a part, you can hide the shaved, you can lift it up, to make a mohawk, you can fasten it on one side and release it on the other… You can use it in different ways. I joke that it’s an origami hair (laughs). I personally really like short hair. I take great care and love this more contemporary look.”

Maíra (Sophie Charlotte) was raised by her father in Pirenópolis, Goiás, believing that her mother had died. A lie her father told to protect his daughter from the scorn of her mother, who rejected her when she learned that her daughter was born with a disability. Many years later, Maíra comes across a stranger at her door. It’s Zoé (Regina Casé), her mother. Without revealing her true intentions, Zoé reappears asking her daughter’s forgiveness for abandoning her.

As in a dream that turns into a nightmare, Maíra experiences the strongest emotions of her life. The same day she finds out her mother is alive, her father dies. Not suspecting anything, Maíra leaves for Rio de Janeiro, where she will be used by her mother to ensure the survival of her younger sister, Vanessa (Letícia Colin). And what would be a happy start with her family turns into a long and dangerous journey for Maíra.

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