Marcos Parente pays well the shifts of doctors who would work impossible hours

By Rômulo Rocha – From the Behind the Scenes Blog

In the small town of Marcos Parente, which has about 4,550 inhabitants, Mayor Gedison Alves Rodrigues hired on June 24 this year 5 doctors for on-call services, through an administrative accreditation process.

Each shift will cost the public coffers the amount of R$ 2,500.00, which has started to attract the attention of some (but not just that), considering the lower value of shifts in other cities.

For example, in the city of Guadalupe – PI, which has 10,496 inhabitants, the city government paid only R$ 1,610.00 per shift, according to the pledge on 05/27/2021.

In the city of Piatã – BA, with 17,123 inhabitants, the city government paid only 2,143.00 per 24-hour shift, according to the contract dated 03/22/2022. And in Floriano – PI, which has 60,025 inhabitants, the city government paid only R$ 2,000.00 per shift.

In the city of Araputanga – MT, with 17,078 inhabitants, the city government pays only BRL 1,000.00 for 12-hour shifts and BRL 2,000.00 for 24-hour shifts, according to Municipal Law No. 1,425/2021.


The above details added to others, makes the situation somewhat delicate and subject to investigation.

It is because at least three of the five doctors hired will have difficulties to fulfill the shifts, considering that according to the data in the National Registry of Health Establishments – CNES, it appears that they work in distant cities, reaching three public positions of doctor and even supposedly exceeds the legal limit of the hourly load.

one of these doctors works from the city of Guadalupe – PI, at the Dr. Leônidas Arais Mousinho, as a doctor of the Family Health Program (PSF), with 40 hours a week and, unbelievably, also works in the city of União – PI, at the Dr. Olavo Mendes Carvalho, also as a PSF doctor, with 40 hours per week, totaling an incredible 80 hours per week, “being humanly impossible to fulfill the workloads and shifts in Marcos Parente”, says a source from the blog behind the scenesof

In Guadalupe, a note of commitment shows that the aforementioned doctor received R$ 1,862.60 for one shift on 02/26/2021, while in Marcos Parente he would receive R$ 2,500.00 per shift.

a second doctor, among the five hired by Marcos Parente, he would accumulate another 3 positions. He works in the city of Ribeiro Gonçalves – PI, as a PSF doctor at “US DA FAMILIA” and as a clinical doctor at the Arlindo Borges Municipal Hospital, working 48 hours a week. He also works in the city of Marcos Parente, at the Nossa Senhora do Perpetuo Socorro Mixed Health Unit, with 12 hours per week, totaling 60 hours per week.

Already a third doctor would accumulate 3 positions and exceed the legal workload limit. He works in São João dos Patos – MA, as a PSF doctor at the Acudinho II Health Post, with a workload of 40 hours per week and, in Floriano – PI, as a clinical doctor at SAMU, with a workload of 24 hours per week, totaling 64 hours per week. In addition to that he works in Marcos Parente, as an on-call worker.

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