MDB senators ask Temer to help Baleia postpone convention

MDB chiefs met today (19) with former president Michel Temer (MDB), in São Paulo, to try to postpone the party’s national convention to August 5 and do it in person. Until then, the convention is scheduled for the 27th, virtually.

The group, which advocates support for former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) in the first round, argues that details still need to be debated and that there is no reason for the debate to be online. Deputy Baleia Rossi (MDB-SP), president of the party, resists the idea.

At this Tuesday’s meeting, the group had an unofficially declared objective of trying to convince Temer in the sewing to withdraw from the candidacy of senator Simone Tebet. A goal considered difficult by the chiefs themselves.

Most likely, they say, the MDB will walk, as it did in 2018, in a split way.

Yesterday, eleven party directors – almost all present today – were with Lula to seal support for the ticket. Under the group’s logic, the longer the time, the more chance to broaden the party’s support for the PT.

“It is essential for us to be able to talk. The political process moves more easily through dialogue. It is never possible to assume that a party the size of the MDB will want to hastily ratify its own candidacy without electoral viability, with eleven directories signing a position”, he said, after the meeting, Senator Renan Calheiros (MDB-AL), one of the main supporters of Lula.

Renan even made a public crusade against the launch of Tebet on the grounds that launching another name with no chance of victory would only weaken the party. In 2018, former minister Henrique Meirelles (MDB) ended up in seventh place with 1.2% of the votes.

Tebet, a name raised by the so-called third way, has not taken off in research and has lost support previously taken for granted. It has 3.3% of voting intentions, according to the polls aggregator UOL, and almost no strong state platform.

“The own candidacy is always defensible, as long as it goes beyond the assumption of competitiveness”, he argued.

Temer, in turn, went on to say that he supports Tebet’s candidacy, but that he would talk to Baleia Rossi about the possibility of postponement.

“I promised that I would talk to President Baleia and other members of the executive [do MDB] and check this possibility [de adiamento]. Especially, suggest that you have a meeting with the group. Dialogue has always been a very suitable formula for conducting the MDB,” said Temer.

After the meeting, however, Baleia, in a gesture of resistance, took to social media and stated that Tebet’s candidacy is maintained, as well as the date of the convention.

Temer’s response, although pacifying, was read by the group as a small victory, since, even if the former president does not defend Lula’s support, he can defend the extension.

Leave Lula for later

Some members of the group had the idea of ​​sounding out Temer for a possible meeting between him and Lula.

The chance of a meeting between the two, however, goes through problems within the PT, with resistance in this approach by some members, such as former president Dilma Rousseff.

The subject of a possible meeting between Lula and Temer, according to sources who were at the meeting, was not even brought up on the table. The former president declined to comment on a possible conversation with Lula for support.

Interlocutors say that, on Temer’s side, there is annoyance with the criticism that the PT has made to the reforms carried out by his government and he does not insist on hiding this from anyone.

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