Son of Mauricio de Sousa receives a sandbox instead of a R$ 13,000 video card – 07/19/2022 – Mercado

Inside the box of the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 TI graphics card, the colorful LEDs of the piece coveted by gamers had been replaced by pots full of sand.

The case happened to Mauricio Takeda e Sousa, 34, son of designer Mauricio de Sousa. By TikTok, he said he received three pots in place of the product that costs about R$ 13 thousand in Brazil. The order was sold and delivered through the Amazon website.

The report, published last Tuesday (12), went viral and reached more than 4 million views on the social network.

The order was placed on July 2nd and arrived the next day. Takeda said he contacted the company immediately, demanding that the plate be resubmitted.

It was based on article 35 of the Consumer Protection Code, which determines that if the supplier refuses to comply with the offer, the consumer can demand forced compliance, accept another equivalent product or service, or give up the purchase, with a full refund. of the amount paid, plus any losses or damages.

“But they couldn’t do much other than pass my problem on to another department, ‘high value objects’, which, curiously, doesn’t answer customers by phone,” he said.

“They sent me an almost incomprehensible email asking me for a statement. I filled it out and they gave me three days to resolve it. But after the three days, they said that, in fact, it was seven working days. Now, the seven working days are gone and I they asked for another 48 hours. I’m still without my video card and with three overvalued sand pots”, he said, in the video.

In the following TikTok, published this Sunday (17), Takeda again said that the case had not yet been solved. The influencer said that, after the requested 48 hours, the company’s service asked for another five days to resolve the case.

In a statement, the company said it was in contact with Mauricio to resolve the case.

“Amazon has a return and refund policy that protects customers who wish to return products purchased on”

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