Son of Maurício de Sousa will end up in hospital after coup

This Tuesday (19), Mauricio Takeda e Sousason of the cartoonist Maurício de Sousa, creator of Monica’s Gang, was admitted to a hospital in São Paulo after having an anxiety crisis. The young man’s malaise was triggered after he received a package containing three pots full of sand, instead of a video card worth R$14,500 that he bought on a famous shopping site.

“It’s no joke, I spent a lot of time saving up this money and when I buy it this happens. It’s very nervous, I ended up in the hospital with an anxiety crisis, I had this medical emergency today”, he said. According to the musician, he asked for the order on July 2 and, shortly after receiving the package with the wrong contents, she asked the company for a refund.

“They asked for three days, then seven working days, then another 48 hours and now another five days, it’s a joke. They really don’t give a forecast or anything to solve, they just ask for more time. That’s why I filed a lawsuit in the Small Claims Court . The most curious thing is that the sale and transport were done by Amazon itself”, he said.

Mauricio Takeda detailed his frustration at receiving the wrong order. In an interview with G1, the musician explained that he was shocked by the unusual situation. “It’s laughing so I don’t cry. I was in shock. As soon as I took the box I started to suspect because of the weight, I thought it was strange and asked my wife to film it. When I opened it I found the paper strange, the plate box was well crumpled. I opened it I was in shock, we never imagine what will happen to us, I even said ‘zick’ to my wife”, he said.

“A while ago, a coup with bricks started, especially things of high value. Damn, I couldn’t believe it, I thought I was in the business.

Maurício Takeda

The company responsible for the order stated, through a note, that it has been handling the matter directly with Maurício. “ is in contact with the customer to resolve the case. Amazon has a return and refund policy that protects customers who wish to return purchased products,” the company said.

Mauricio Takeda e Sousa is one of the children of Mauricio de Sousa with Alice Keiko Takeda


Mauricio Takeda e Sousa is one of the children of Mauricio de Sousa and Alice Keiko Takeda. The cartoonist is known throughout Brazil for being the creator of Turma da Mônica, his most famous work. Even characters created by the artist will get live action on HBO Max. Franjinha and Milena will win a chapter in the “real world”.

Taking advantage of HBO Max’s year of operations in Brazil, the platform announced the start of recordings for the production entitled Franjinha e Milena em Busca da Ciência. The live-action series will be co-produced by Cartoon Network in partnership with Biônica Filmes and Mauricio de Sousa Produções. The direction is by Mauro D`Addio and has artistic supervision by Daniel Rezende, responsible for the popular adaptations for the big screens of Turma da Mônica – Laços and Turma da Mônica – Lessons. The series will be starring Fabrício Gabriel, in the role of Franjinha, and Bia Lisboa, as Milena.

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