Suspected of alleged distribution of marijuana at a party, Filipe Ret says: ‘Nothing I do is reason for arrest’ | Rio de Janeiro

Rapper Filipe Ret, who was the target of an operation by the Civil Police this Tuesday (19), which investigates an alleged free distribution of marijuana cigarettes at a party in the South Zone of Rio, about a month ago, made a post on one of his social networks earlier in the evening. In the publication, he said that nothing he does is grounds for arrest.

“Thank you for all your messages of love and concern. I’m not perfect, but nothing I do is grounds for arrest. I sincerely apologize to my father, mother and mother of my child for having their homes invaded and ransacked. You have nothing to do with this story and you didn’t deserve this,” Ret wrote.

The artist also commented that he was fine and that he needed to rest.

“I’m fine now. I love you. Now I just need to rest and spend more time with my son,” he added.

Earlier, agents from the Police Department for Repression of Narcotics (DRE-RJ) went out to serve five search and seizure warrants at addresses linked to the singer in RJ, such as a studio in a building in Flamengo.

In the property, the team seized marijuana and material to roll cigarettes. The amount was not reported by the police. Filipe’s cell phone, who was in Angra dos Reis, was also seized. The singer will be charged with possession of narcotics.

As if the laws ‘didn’t hit him’, says inquiry

For the police, “Filipe Ret lives in Brazil as if he were in California” and takes advantage of his fame “to freely use and supply drugs”.

TV Globo found that, in the investigation, the Police Department for Repression of Narcotics (DRE-RJ) considers that Ret “despises existing prohibitions in Brazil” and “reinforces the false idea of ​​the selectivity of the system”.

Rapper Filipe Ret is searched after party ‘open marijuana’ — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram; Reproduction / TV Globo

The investigation began at the end of June, when the rapper himself posted photos and videos of a party in Vivo Rio on his social media.

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At the event, called “Open Beck”, on the 21st, Ret allegedly offered marijuana to guests.

The police asked for the search to identify other possible people involved: “Supplying drugs, even free of charge, is trafficking”, says the chief delegate of the DRE, delegate Marcus Amim.

With the material seized, the agents will continue the investigation to identify all those involved in the crime under investigation.

The rapper arrived at Police City late in the morning to provide clarification.

See the moment Filipe Ret is woken up by police officers

See the moment Filipe Ret is woken up by police officers

Before joining, Ret spoke to reporters about his touring schedule and the release of a single. He said nothing about the investigation. On leaving, he also did not comment on the operation.

Ret’s press office sent the following note:

“After fulfilling an intense schedule of shows and releases, Filipe Ret went to Angra dos Reis with his family and friends for a period of rest. On the morning of this Tuesday, July 19, the artist was surprised by a police operation of Rio de Janeiro, who took him to the Police Department for Repression of Narcotics (DRE-RJ), in Cidade da Polícia, in Jacarezinho, in the North Zone. There was an action in which the artist’s personal belongings were seized. he has already declared himself a marijuana user, was taken to the police station and only a statement was drawn up regarding the possession of marijuana for personal use. Any allegation different from this, it is a statement detached from reality and solely and exclusively in the interest of third parties. Filipe Ret appreciates the love of fans, family and friends.”

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