with community transmission in DF, see how to prevent

This week, the Health Department of the Federal District (SES/DF) confirmed that there is community transmission of monkeypox in the federal capital. To metropolisesthe director of Epidemiological Surveillance of the folder, Fabiano dos Anjos, reported that the disease is transmitted through contact with infected people and sharing objects.

According to him, community transmission demonstrates that the virus is circulating in the DF. “The cases that are being identified now have no reports of travel abroad or to other units of the federation and are people who have no family ties. So, these are transmissions that took place within the DF”.

Fabiano points out that smallpox is not considered a sexually transmitted disease. “Of course, anyone who has a close relationship with someone who is infected is more likely to contract the disease. But it’s not for the sex act itself. It’s skin-to-skin contact. Smallpox is transmitted through the air,” he clarifies.

Symptoms and prevention

The manager explains that the first symptoms of monkeypox are: fever; back and joint pain; weakness; and the presence of lymph nodes, that is, swelling, in the nodes — it can be near the ear, neck, armpit or groin. “These are the symptoms of the first five days. After the fever, the characteristic lesions of the disease begin to appear”, says Fabiano.

The recommendation is that, at the sign of symptoms, people seek the nearest health unit for proper evaluation and treatment.

“The main form of prevention is to avoid close contact with people who have some type of characteristic lesion; hygiene and separation of objects for personal use. Infected people should be isolated until they are released by the responsible doctors”, emphasizes Fabiano.


Fabiano explains that there are countries where there is already vaccination against monkeypox. However, in Brazil, the Ministry of Health is still in negotiations to acquire the immunizing agent. In any case, immunization should not be done en masse, but only for specific groups.

Sought, the ministry informed that it articulates with the World Health Organization (WHO) the negotiations for the acquisition of the monkeypox vaccine. “WHO coordinates with the manufacturer, on a global basis, to improve access to the immunizer in countries with confirmed cases of the disease. Also, it should be noted that the number of vaccines is very limited at a global level,” the ministry said in a statement.

“The recommendation of vaccination, so far, is only for contacts with suspected cases and health professionals with high occupational risk to the virus.”

So far, adding up the cases confirmed by the national reference laboratory (5), the cases confirmed by private laboratories (6) and the case identified through contact search (1), the DF has 12 cases of monkeypox and 14 suspects. under investigation.

The patients are from Águas Claras, Ceilândia, Itapoã, Plano Piloto, Park Way, São Sebastião, Vicente Pires and Riacho Fundo II.

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