15,000 Russians Died in Ukraine War, Says CIA

Number of injured is 3 times higher; in Ukrainian troops, casualties were also “significant”, albeit at a lower volume

The CIA (US Central Intelligence Agency) estimates that Russia lost approximately 15,000 troops in the war against Ukraine. According to the agency’s director, William Burns, the number of injured is about 45,000.

The latest estimates from the US intelligence community are somewhere around 15,000 deaths. [nas forças russas] and maybe 3 times more injured. Therefore, a quite significant set of losses,” Burns said during his participation at the Aspen, Colorado, Safety Forum on Wednesday (July 20, 2022).

Also according to the CIA chief, casualties in Ukrainian forces were “significant“, in spite of, “probably”, a little lower than among the Russians.


At the same event, when questioned by journalists about the state of health of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Burns said that the Russian leader is healthy.

There are many rumors about President Putin’s health and as far as we can tell, he is very healthy.”, said the director of the CIA, adding that it was “an informal assessment”.

The CIA director pointed out that Putin believes he has a mission to “restore Russia as a great power“, and “that he won’t be able to do that without controlling Ukraine.

Putin really believes his rhetoric. I’ve heard him say this privately over the years, that Ukraine is not a real country. (…) Well, real countries react. And that’s what the Ukrainians did.


On a visit to Iran on Tuesday (July 19), Putin said that Ukraine has no interest in fulfilling the terms of a peace agreement.

Representatives of the countries met on March 29 and agreed to reduce attacks in Kiev. However, Putin said that after the withdrawal of Russian troops, the Ukrainian authorities backtracked on the agreements.

According to the Russian president, the outcome of the negotiations depends on “the parties’ commitment to comply with the agreements. We can see today that the Kiev authorities have no interest in this.”

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