After returning with Neymar, Bruna admits: “I needed time”

In 2013, Bruna Marquezine and Neymar Jr. revealed their romance publicly and became one of the most beloved couples in the country. However, the relationship had its ups and downs.

In this way, the artists broke up and returned to the relationship over the course of five years, until October 2018, they ended definitively. Even after four years, many admirers, close friends and even empaths commented on their return.

In 2021, Neymar Jr. showed that he moved on and started his romance with Bruna Biancardi.

Having the best outcome, the boy was involved in a mess in recent times: infidelity and termination. The reason is that the athlete appeared without the image alliance with his pals in a restaurant in São Paulo, after a rumor of infidelity during the event. Due to the scandals, Biancardi disappeared from the internet.

However, recently, on the 11th, Bruna Biancardi reappeared and revealed the reason. On the internet, Neymar Jr’s lover appeared enjoying the edge of the pool. “I needed some time for myself. I hope you understand. Thank you for all the messages.” Neymar Jr. In turn, he needed to deny the comments that he had betrayed Bruna Biancardi on the second day of the Vinícius Junior event.

At the time, the page ‘Segue a Cami’ exposed that the boy would have picked up several women at an event. “Hello, fake news. Here for you: lots of sun, lots of peace and lots of love”, he commented.

Sensitive predicts return of Neymar and Bruna Marquezine

According to sensitive Ana Santos, the ace and the actress will return soon. “Marquezine and Neymar still have a lot of history together, I see them meeting again after 4 years to talk about the past. This could happen now in 2022, but I’m not sure. I just know that this couple will still surprise a lot of people”, he commented.

In addition, the psychic Érica Dias observes Bruna Marquezine pregnant. “It shows in 2026 you getting married, path, line and family ready for you in 2026. In love, it shows a light brunette, tall, with brown hair,” she said.

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