Civil Police carry out an operation in an abandoned mansion in Higienópolis

Authorities were called to help victim of incapable abandonment in famous place for podcast

Reproduction / TV Globohygienópolis abandoned house
Mansion in Higienópolis became famous after an investigative podcast aired

On the afternoon of this Wednesday, the 20th, the Civil police of São Paulo served a search and seizure warrant in a residence of Higienópolis, central region of the capital, to investigate a possible abandonment of an incapable person. Margarida Bonetti, a local resident, is the victim. According to information from G1, the police had to break a window to enter the house. The sheriff, there was rubble, leftover food and garbage inside the mansion. Only one dog was in the house and was rescued. Neighbors were the ones who called authorities saying that a person with mental health issues was there and needed help. Margarida Bonetti is the main character of the Folha de S. Paulo podcast “A Mulher da Casa Abandonada”, launched in June, and which was very successful. The audio product says that the address of the house was on the wanted list of FBI for keeping a domestic worker in a situation analogous to slavery. The case happened in 1998, she fled to Brazil and has lived in the mansion, which belongs to her parents, since then.

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