Corinthians beats Coritiba at Neo Qumica Arena and wins again for the Brazilian Championship

This Wednesday, the Corinthians beat Coritiba 3-1, at Neo Química Arena, for the Brazilian Championship. Róger Guedes, Adson and Raul Gustavo scored the goals for Timão’s victory. The alvinegro club triumphed again in the national competition after the 3-1 defeat to Ceará, last Saturday.

The match marked the return of Willian and Maycon to the starting lineup, who had been out of action in recent games due to injuries. Yuri Alberto made his debut with the white shirt and was also featured on Wednesday night. While shirt number 7 made his first game, Cássio reached the mark of 602 appearances for Corinthians and equaled the number of games played by Ronaldo Giovanelli.

Timão was superior in the game and dominated possession of the ball. Still in the first half, Yuri Alberto made a good move on the left and served Róger Guedes, who finished with force to score Corinthians’ first goal.

In the return for the second half, Coritiba tied the match with a header from Luciano Castán. Fiel was insecure with the equality on the scoreboard, but soon the pressure from the black-and-white club in the attack had an effect. Adson broke the tie with an opportunistic goal and Raul Gustavo scored the third for Corinthians after a precise header.

With the victory, Corinthians reached 32 points in the table and assumed the provisional vice-leadership of the Brazilian Championship. Atlético Mineiro still plays for the round and can overtake Timão in the competition table.

Write it down – Timão returns to the field next Sunday, at 18:00. For the Brazilian Championship, Corinthians faces Atlético Mineiro, at Mineirão, in Belo Horizonte, for the 19th round of the national competition.


The assistant Filipe Almeida had the return of players and a long-awaited debut for the confrontation for the Brazilian Championship. Maycon and Willian returned from injury and were news in the squad for this Wednesday’s duel. Yuri Alberto was listed on the Bid and was also a surprise for the duel. Vítor Pereira was not on the bench because he was suspended.

Corinthians was selected by the Portuguese coach with Cássio, Rafael Ramos, Raul Gustavo, Gil and Lucas Piton; Cantillo, Roni and Maycon; Willian, Róger Guedes and Yuri Alberto.


My Helm

Coritiba started the game with Muralha, Natanael, Guillermo, Luciano Castán and Egídio; Willian Farias, Val, Régis and Igor Paixão; Alef Manga and Léo Gamalho.

The game

First time

Corinthians started the match pressing Coritiba. Pushed by Fiel, Timão sought to score with high pressure and had more ball possession in the first minutes. The team from Paraná was positioned with all the athletes behind the midfield, and the beginning of the game was an attack against the defense of the alvinegro club. However, the alvinegro club could not create clear chances.

Coritiba’s defensive posture yielded the first dangerous shot of the match. At six minutes, Corinthians took a free-kick in the area, possession returned to Rafael Ramos in midfield, the last Timão athlete in defense, the side tried the pass and was intercepted. With superiority in the attack, Alef Manga invaded the area, chose to kick instead of a pass to the teammate and the ball passed grazing the post defended by Cássio.

Fiel got into trouble with the referee at 10 minutes into the first stage. After launching for Róger Guedes in the area, the defense of Coritiba got tangled up, Natanael fell on top of the ball and ended up retreating to the goalkeeper with his arm. The Corinthians athletes asked for a penalty in the bid, but the judge did not signal the penalty.

The game became more balanced after the first 15 minutes. Timão still had the superiority of ball possession, but Coritiba started to scare in the counterattacks. Corinthians was struggling to create the most dangerous first shot against the Paraná team’s goal.

The first Corinthians shot on goal was in the 18th minute. Willian received a pass from Roni on the right of Timão’s attack. Shirt 10 cut towards the middle, dribbled the marker and finished in the hands of goalkeeper Muralha.

Coritiba replied two minutes later. Egídio received on the right of the attack of the Paraná team and crossed in the area. The ball went through the Corinthians defense, Régis kicked it with the first shot and the ball went out. Timão created a good chance in the 23rd minute. Willian passed, Róger Guedes made the light trap, Yuri Alberto received in the area, made the wall, passed to Maycon who arrived and finished first. The ball went over the crossbar.

In the 29th minute, the game was busy. First, Timão pulled a fast attack, Yuri Alberto launched Willian in the area, who kicked for a good defense by Muralha. Coritiba responded in the next play, Régis finished after a pass from Alef Manga and the ball passed the right post of the goal defended by Cássio.

After much insistence, the Corinthians goal came out in the 36th minute. Yuri Alberto squeezed the opposing defense, stole the ball in the race, passed in the middle of the area, the ball hit Luciano Castán in the middle of the area and left clean for Róger Guedes to finish with force from the penalty mark and opened the scoring for Timão.

The Parque São Jorge club grew after the first goal. Timão started to exchange more passes and create opportunities in the final minutes, however, few finishes scared Muralha. The match went to halftime with 1 to 0 for Corinthians on the scoreboard.

Second time

The match returned with superiority from Timão. Corinthians exchanged many passes in the attack and bet on triangulations on the sides. Even with more possession of the ball, the alvinegro club had difficulties to create clear chances of finishing.

As in the first half, Coritiba pulled off a good counterattack and had the first clear opportunity of the second half. At eight minutes, Luciano Castán took advantage of a cross in the area, headed and scored the equalizing goal for the team from Paraná.

The game stirred the spirits of Corinthians. Even with more possession of the ball, Timão had difficulties creating shots. The alvinegro club had a clear chance again in the 16th minute. Róger Guedes took advantage of the pass in the area, kicked and Muralha made a good save.

In the 19th minute of the second stage, Filipe Almeida made three substitutions for Corinthians. Giuliano, Adson and Gustavo Silva took the place of Willian, Roni and Róger Guedes, respectively.

Timão returned to the front of the scoreboard in the 20th minute. After free kick, Piton headed into the area, the ball left for Raul Gustavo who dominated and arranged for Adson to finish with force and score the second goal of Corinthians.

After the goal, Timão made his last substitution in the match. In the 23rd minute, Du Queiroz came on for Maycon. The midfielder left the field much applauded by the Corinthians fans present at the Neo Química Arena.

The team from Paraná again had opportunities in the 29th minute. After a cross in the area, Alef Manga scored and the ball skimmed the right post of the goal defended by Cássio. It was Coritiba’s first shot after the tiebreaker goal.

Yuri Alberto came close to scoring his first goal for Corinthians in the 30th minute. Gustavo Silva crossed in the area, Muralha rebounded to the middle of the area. Timão’s number 7 finished, but Coritiba’s goalkeeper defended again.

Five minutes later, the alvinegro club returned to attack with danger. After a good exchange of passes, Gustavo Silva received in the area, finished with a deflection and the ball passed the side of the right post defended by Muralha.

In the 39th minute of the second half, Corinthians extended the score. Gustavo Silva received on the right and crossed in the area. Raul Gustavo jumped alone, headed with precision and scored Timão’s third goal.

The match went to the end without so many clear chances of goal and ended 3 to 1 for the alvinegro club.

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