Do you have a Nubank account? You can lose money in 4 days

O Nubank recently announced a change in the performance of its digital account that generated dissatisfaction in many customers. From July 25th, 4 days from now, account holders will “lose” money every day to inflation.

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What happens is that the NuConta will no longer have the automatic daily yield of 100% of the CDI in the case of new deposits. Soon, the digital bank account will offer income only after the 30th day, in the same way as the savings account.

For many customers, the attitude of the digital bank, known for always innovating when it comes to financial services, has come to be compared with strategies of “banks”, from which it has always tried to remain unaffiliated.

Financial loss

The decision to change the form of income will help the bank to improve its profitability, a risky fact, as it pleases shareholders, but is contrary to the customer base. And the financial loss to users who were guaranteed daily profitability can be great.

A simulation made by the Infomoney portal, using the Central Bank (BC) calculator, can help to better understand how this change in income will affect the finances of those who chose Nubank to multiply the money.

See the example: if a person invested R$ 10 thousand from June 1st to 29th, having 100% of the CDI as income, the remuneration would be R$ 91.30. However, considering Nubank’s new rule, the customer’s balance would only be part of the initial amount from the 31st day onwards. If he made any other withdrawals before the deadline, the income would be lost.

Source: Citizen Calculator / Central Bank

Therefore, the tip that remains is that, for investors who want to see their money pay off in any application term, the new Nubank account format may no longer be ideal. The recommendation then is to look for companies that offer a daily yield of 100% of the CDI, of course, as long as everything is done safely.

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