Fachin gives Bolsonaro five days to comment on criticism of electronic voting machines

President of the TSE determined that all parties involved in the request made by the opposition be heard, including the President of the Republic

Carlos Moura/SCO/STF – 05/18/2022Minister of the STF, Edson Fachin
Request made by the PDT asks that the PL and Bolsonaro be fined for running propaganda in advance

the president of Superior Electoral Court (TSE), minister Edson Fachingave five days for the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro (PL) express its opinion on the requests made by opposition parties to exclude videos of the president from social networks that contain attacks on electronic voting machines. The request was made by acronyms such as PT, PDT, Rede and PC do B and refers to the speeches of the representative said during a meeting with ambassadors on Monday, 18. Through an order made this Thursday, 21, the minister also requested the manifestation of all parties involved in the request, in addition to the president himself. “But before being able to analyze the request made as a matter of urgency, it is necessary to assess the regularity of the procedural means adopted. This is because, although the demand has been identified as Representation, from the reading of the initial petition, it is extracted from the cause of request that the facts portrayed indicate that the alleged practice of disinformation turns against the fairness and reliability of the electoral process, markedly, of the ballot boxes. electronics”, says Fachin in the piece. In the request made on Tuesday, the PDT asks, in addition to the exclusion, that the president and his party, the PL, be fined at the “maximum level” for broadcasting negative early propaganda.

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