Fiat Fastback: teaser reveals details of the brand’s new SUV

Fiat Fastback black side teaser photo studio compact suv

The teaser released by Fiat reveals the SUV’s coupe style, with an arched roof and higher rear

When the Fiat Fastback was presented as a concept at the São Paulo Motor Show in 2018, it was possible to see that it would not take long for it to become a production model. The compact SUV caught the public’s attention for its sporty lines and shortly afterwards its production was confirmed. Recently, Fiat confirmed that the name Fastback will be kept, and now reveals a teaser with the side image of the model, which is scheduled to arrive in the Brazilian market in October.

Silver Fiat Fastback at the Auto Show concept from the front
From the concept presented at the São Paulo Motor Show, the Fastback seems to have preserved the lines of the body

In the teaser released by the automaker, the Fiat Fastback proves to be an imposing car, with SUV coupe lines, unlike the small Pulse, which looks more like an adventurous hatch. The new model uses the MLA platform and was designed by Design Center South America, keeping the Italian-Brazilian style.

The manufacturer says that the Fiat Fastback “will be one of the protagonists in the repositioning of the brand in the market”. He adds that it will have “balanced dimensions that reveal a model full of maturity”. Fiat draws attention to the more elongated silhouette, larger hood and slightly raised rear near the trunk. In addition, it highlights the lanterns and headlights that invade the sides. Details reminiscent of the Toro pickup.

The Fiat Fastback will be produced at the factory in Betim (MG) and will certainly be positioned above the Pulse, offering more interior space and a more complete equipment list. Fiat has not yet revealed technical details of the new SUV, but it is speculated that it will have the entry versions equipped with a 130hp 1.0-liter turbo engine and 20.4kgfm of torque, associated with a CVT gearbox.

Silver Fiat Fastback at the Auto Show rear concept
The wider C-pillar of the concept was kept, but there is a slight difference in the trunk lid and taillight.

The top versions will have under the hood the 1.3-litre turbo engine with 185hp of maximum power and 27.5kgfm of torque, which will work in conjunction with the six-speed automatic transmission. With the Fiat Fastback, the automaker hopes to achieve even better sales figures than those already achieved by Pulse, which ranks sixth in the ranking of the most licensed SUVs, with 24,035 units accumulated in the first six months of the year.

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