“Fluminense is not just technique, it’s race too”, says Felipe Melo | fluminense

Fluminense suffered, but beat Goiás 3-2 at Serrinha, and entered the G-4 of the Brazilian Championship. Result much celebrated by the players, especially by Felipe Melo. One of the most experienced of the cast, the steering wheel said that the victory this time had to be in the race:

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Felipe Melo praises the turn of the Flu against Goiás: "We are a team that never gives up"

Felipe Melo praises Flu’s comeback against Goiás: “We are a team that never gives up”

– People say that the Diniz style is ball possession, right? I invite you to go there one day to watch a training session with Diniz and see how we train to defend. Because for a team that wants to be champions, the important thing is not to concede a goal. Today (yesterday) we took some, but we demonstrated the power of reaction of Fluminense. We showed that Fluminense is not just a team that plays with the ball at its feet, technically. It’s a team that also knows how to score, knows how to fight, and above all never gives up. When it’s not in the technique, when we make a mistake or another that happens, and it will happen other times, what matters is the team of warriors. Run after, don’t give up.

“Today we demonstrate, unlike other days, that Fluminense is not only about technique, it is also about race”.

Felipe Melo in action for Fluminense against Goiás — Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves / Fluminense FC

Felipe Melo, who entered in the second half, greatly valued the result at Serrinha and recalled that Goiás already took points there from other candidates for the title:

– If Goiás had played like they played against Fluminense, they would hardly have lost the way they did to Atlético-GO at home. Goiás entered today to win. They took points from Palmeiras here, from Athletico-PR, who are also fighting at the top of the table.

Best moments: Goiás 2 x 3 Fluminense, for the 18th round of the Brasileirão 2022

Best moments: Goiás 2 x 3 Fluminense, for the 18th round of the Brasileirão 2022

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Asked if he believed in the comeback even losing the game in the final minutes, Felipe Melo cited as an example the two titles he won with Palmeiras in Libertadores, winning the finals in the end over Santos and Flamengo. And after being Rio champion with Fluminense, he was optimistic for more achievements in 2022:

– Always believe. The two Libertadores titles that I won were right in the end. So it’s always believing. Just as when I arrived at Fluminense I said that I believed I was champion of several tournaments, we have already been champions of some in the first semester and we will believe until the end to be champions of these two competitions that we have ahead of us.

With the victory, Fluminense entered the G-4 and is in third place, with 31 points, two behind leader Palmeiras, who has one less game. Tricolor returns to the field next Sunday, when it will face Bragantino at 4 pm (Brasilia time), at Raulino de Oliveira, in Volta Redonda (RJ). Maracanã remains closed for lawn renovation.

"Miracle with title sauce", vibrates Gabriel |  The Voice of the Crowd

“Miracle with title sauce”, vibrates Gabriel | The Voice of the Crowd

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