Friendship between nosy emu and caretaker on US farm goes viral on social media; watch video | World

The videos showing the friendship between an emu, known as Emmanuel, and her creator, Taylor Blake, went viral on social media, and the duo already accumulates more than 25 million likes. Emmanuel lives in Knuckle Bump Farms – a farm in South Florida, in the United States, which specializes in raising small cattle.

The two became known thanks to Emmanuel’s habit of dropping his cell phone while Taylor Blake makes recordings to the establishment’s social media. In addition, the duo also have fun walking around the farm, “eating ice cream” and even wearing similar clothes.

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“Emmanuel, all the time. Emmanuel, don’t do this. Emmanuel, don’t. We go through this every day”, says Taylor in one of the videos, trying to stop the emu from dropping her cell phone again.

Ema Emmanuel interferes with recordings of caregiver Taylor Blake – Photo: Reproduction/Internet

Despite the “disagreements”, which amuse the followers of the page, the exchange of affection is also published on the account.

“I love you. You’re a good boy,” Taylor told Emmanuel in one of the rare moments he “behaves.”

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Despite Emmanuel being a big hit on the farm page, other animals are part of the account. The space also features Rico the swan; another emu, named Regina; and some cows, like Stella and Mimi.

Friendship between emu Emmanuel and caregiver Taylor Blake goes viral on social media — Photo: Reproduction/Internet

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