iFood and XP launch a movement to train professionals from the periphery for the technology market

A group of companies led by iFood and XP Inc. left the competition for technology professionals aside and decided to roll up their sleeves to change the situation. Officially launched this Wednesday (20), in São Paulo, the Tech Movement, which brings together 20 companies, has already raised R$ 6 million and started its first actions about a year ago.

More than solving a problem of lack of qualified labor in the technology segment, the group wants to train and employ professionals from groups with lower purchasing power and, with that, help transform the lives of these people and their families. In addition, the Movement intends to bring more diversity to companies in a segment dominated by white men.

The expectation is that the group will raise R$ 100 million in up to three years to finance its actions. Still in the second half of this year, with negotiations already underway, the R$ 10 million mark should be reached. iFood and XP joined the project as sponsors, participating in the strategic council and committing to annually invest R$300,000 each, for a minimum period of three years.

Sponsoring companies (which do not participate in the council) enter with a lower quota — a check for R$50,000 for the project or R$200,000 for services. “We already have advanced conversations with three other large institutions that should join as sponsors”, says Gustavo Vitti, vice president of People and Sustainability at iFood.

Vitti says that the movement arose after the perception that companies had entered into a game of “steal a lot”, removing qualified professionals from each other in the face of the labor shortage in the country. “It is a situation that cannot be sustained and in which no one wins. And we also had this uncomfortable scenario of low diversity and low access to low-income people.”

In the last two years, with the coronavirus pandemic and the rapid acceleration of remote work, the blackout of qualified technology professionals has become even more accentuated because Brazilian companies have started to compete with foreign companies (which pay in dollars or euros) in attracting workforce, according to Gabriel Santos, vice president of Technology at XP Inc.

The Tech Movement has four actions mapped, two of which are already running. In May, the Tech Marathon was launched, a Technology Olympics that in its first edition already had the participation of 80 thousand students from the 9th grade and from the high school of public and private schools. The objective was to arouse interest in technology among students.

The Potencia Tech platform (https://potenciatech.com.br/ [potenciatech.com.br]), launched by iFood in the first quarter, offers free courses, scholarships and vacancies for people with low income or less representation in the job market, such as women, blacks or LGBTQIA+ people.

By the end of the year, the expectation is to launch two initiatives aimed at young people, one focused on employment and the other on training: Jovem Aprendiz Tech and Empodera Tech. “Today, 95% of young apprentices are administrative assistants. We want to empower them so that they are technology learners and this is something totally new,” says Vitti. At Empodera Tech, led by Arco Instituto, the focus will be on expanding the training of young people in situations of social vulnerability currently served by various organizations.

With the first actions, the Tech Movement has already helped to employ 500 people — 50 of them in iFood, which still has another 100 open positions. At XP, there are just over 100 technology jobs also open. It is estimated that across the country there are 100,000 unfilled technology vacancies.

Santos and Vitti, from XP and iFood, point out that a junior developer currently has a salary of R$4,000 to R$6,000, higher than that seen in many professions and that can help transform the lives of many people. “We believe in an exponential movement”, says Santos.

In addition to iFood and XP, the Tech Movement is sponsored by Accenture, Arco Instituto, Grupo Boticário, Buser, Ci&T, Cubos Academy, Digital House, Fundação Behring, Gama Academy, Instituto Localiza, Kenzie Academy Brasil, Let’s Code, ONE (Oracle Next Education), RD – RaiaDrogasil, Rocketseat, Semantix, Telles Foundation and VTEX.

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