Izolda sanctions law that provides for the dismissal of civil servants who assault women

Governor Izolda Cela (PDT) sanctioned this Thursday, 21, a bill that allows the dismissal of state civil servants involved in cases of domestic and family violence against women. “We continue to fight against violence against women,” she said.

According to Izolda, the new measure, approved by the Legislative Assembly, “strengthens this siege of protection and aims at a more respectful and peaceful society.” She also informed that the current administration has already inaugurated two units of the Casa da Mulher Cearense, one in Juazeiro do Norte and another in Sobral, and will build another four space, in the cities of Iguatu, Crateús, Tauá and Quixadá. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank the efforts of our deputies and deputies in approving this important measure. The secretary of Social Protection, Onélia Santana, and the former secretary Socorro França also participated in the signature”, he added.

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