Kombi: VW designer shows what an update would look like

The Volkswagen Kombi was a product that “sold itself” for many years in Brazil, even being exported to Europe (Holland) in its last days to become a camper model.

Still present in the Top 10 best-selling light commercial vehicles in Brazil, Kombi is reluctant to leave the market after 1.5 million units sold and having helped build a country after more than 60 years.

Not so close to the arrival of the new generation (ID Buzz), although the “electric Kombi” is mentioned even by VW, the old one still lives in the hearts of many fans and enthusiasts in the country.

With most of its history known, the old Kombi still has some secrets for us and one of them was revealed by Luiz Alberto Veiga on his Instagram profile: @veigaluizalberto.

For those who don’t remember him, Veiga was one of the most important designers at Volkswagen do Brasil, being responsible for the Gol designer from the Bolinha to the most recent, passing through the creation of Fox, Polo Sedan, Logus, Pointer and many others.

With 40 years of experience at Volkswagen, Veiga left a legacy that conquered millions of consumers inside and outside the country. In addition to the many known works, the Brazilian designer participated in many others that did not come to light.

One of them was the update of the Kombi in its “last years”, since the project published by him in his profile on social networks is from 1997 and shows what the “kombinationsfahrzeug” would be like with two style proposals.

In one of the images, mixed with the two proposed styles, the Kombi appears on the right side with circular headlights integrated in an almond-shaped set, reminiscent of the optical set of the first Polo, however, with the parabolas connected.

The turn signals have been redesigned, but kept on top with the familiar clipper grille. On the bumper, a black appliqué.

The other proposal involved rectangular headlights with softened lenses and integrated turn signals, as in the Gol of the time, with the smaller VW logo and a black appliqué between the headlights, with the upper grille remaining.

The bumper was the same as the other update glimpsed, but both did not include the front radiator, which returned to the Kombi with the 1.4 Flex engine.

Inside, the panel of the Kombi would be completely new, with rounded lines, new cluster and two glove compartments. Note that the old buttons remain in the project.

Veiga says that throughout his career, the VWB’s design department tried to update the Kombi, but in the end it was discontinued due to new safety requirements.

As is known, in 2013, the Kombi left the market due to the mandatory airbags and ABS, which also took the Gol G4 out of circulation.

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