Leonidas reunites with Anastasia and leaves Heloísa in Beyond the Illusion

Nucleus between Leonidas, Heloísa and Anastácia will have a twist in the final stretch of Beyond the Illusion.

Leonidas (Eriberto Leão) was forced to put his grudge aside when he found his father about to die in Beyond the Illusion. bartholomew (Paulo Carvalho) begged his son for forgiveness and asked him to take care of Anastasia (Dani Moreno) and the half-brother in the plot written by Alessandra Poggi.

Is that Leonidas He held a grudge against his father and his ex-fiancée, Anastasia who got involved with her father-in-law. With the double betrayal of the woman he loved and his own father, the character of Eriberto Leão he broke off relations with both and became an embittered man.

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However, upon knowing Heloísa (Paloma Duarte) everything changed and the caregiver started to believe again in love in Beyond the Illusion. With remorse he ended up forgiving his father who died of tuberculosis in his arms.

with the death of bartholomewthe character of Eriberto Leão will earn a medical course paid for entirely by the veteran. Who will tell the news will be Anastasiawhat a widow, will end up approaching her ex-fiancé and now stepson in Beyond Illusion.

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For the actor, Matias (Antonio Calloni) is in free fall since he killed Elisa (Larissa Manoela) in Além da Illusion and Gloria Pires will participate in the soap opera (Photo: Reproduction / Globo)

Gloria Pires enters Beyond the Illusion to fix Matias’ madness: “Desperado”

Anastácia helps Bartolomeu in the soap opera Além da Illusion (Photo: Reproduction / Globo)
Anastácia helped Bartolomeu before he died in Beyond the Illusion (Photo: Reproduction / Globo)


But Leonidas will no longer suffer from being close to the woman he has always loved, as he will only have a familiar feeling, now that she has become his stepmother and has also met his half-brother, who is still a child in the six o’clock soap opera. Globe.

Thus, Leonidas won’t change Heloísa per Anastasia in Beyond the Illusion, as the former weaver fell completely in love with the seamstress. With this, the outcome of the couple will be side by side.

the character of Paloma Duarte is pregnant with Leonidas and the two lovebirds will have a happy ending. He will continue to be friends and support Anastasiawho will remake her life with her son in the final stretch of Beyond Illusion.

Heloísa and Leônidas will have a happy ending in Beyond the Illusion (Photo: Reproduction / Globo)

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