Murilo Benício makes an impact with Tenório’s emotion in ‘Pantanal’

Tenório (Murilo Benício) emotional scene in 'Pantanal' (Photo: Reproduction)Tenório (Murilo Benício) emotional scene in ‘Pantanal’ (Photo: Reproduction)

One of the most beautiful scenes in “Pantanal”, from Bruno Luperi’s plot, was aired the day before yesterday: that of a viola circle bringing together some of the main characters of the soap opera. The fire was lit. Trindade (Gabriel Sater) said he would be performing a recent song. The lyrics told the tragedy of a “boinha” and a “cat”. Some of those present explained the terms: “boinha” is a child who works in the sugarcane fields or sees adults being taken away by trucks. “Cat” is the guy who drives the truck and earns with the surplus value. As José Leôncio (Marcos Palmeira) defined it, he is “a kind of labor contractor”.

The song narrated the boy’s sadness, who saw his parents return in a coffin. They had been victims of a road accident, common among those who live in these terrible conditions. The “damn cat escaped with his life”. But the boy kills him, said the line of the song.

The camera focused on Tenório, who remained silent. The audience immediately understood that this was also the story of the villainous farmer. It was a scene built for a great actor, able to speak with just his eyes. Murilo Benício is that actor. Twitter reacted instantly, with the public in droves praising the sequence out of pure emotion.

Before “Pantanal”, we already had many proofs that this is one of the greatest professionals of our television. See the Typhoon in “Avenida Brasil” or the Dodi in “The Favorite”. For those who still doubt, I suggest checking out the scene the day before yesterday, on Globoplay. The reader will not be disappointed.


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