Nubank launches Pix with credit card payment: see how it works

The Pix on the Nubank credit card can be paid in up to 12 installments and will be done directly in the app. Check the details

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Nubank, one of the largest financial services platforms in the world, announces Pix no Crédito, an option to use credit card limits to make payments via Pix. Customers will be able to choose to pay in a single payment or in up to 12 installments, with fair and transparent fees. The goal is to offer one more alternative so that people can keep control over their expenses, concentrating them in one place.

In the Nubank application, users will be able to simulate the installments in real time and check the fees that will be charged before confirming the transaction. And like other installment products of the company, it is possible to anticipate the payment of the installments of Pix on Credit and get a discount on interest with this anticipation.

How does Pix work on Nubank credit card?

Nothing changes for the recipient, he will continue to receive the transfer from Pix on the spot, and even if in installments, he will receive the full amount of the payment. It is worth mentioning that the transfer limit is linked to the limit available on the customer’s credit card.

“Pix is ​​growing more and more in the retail and service market, and many merchants offer a discount for using it. With Pix on credit, we offer customers an alternative to take advantage of these discounts, while allowing them to pay in installments to better suit their financial needs.”, comments Jeremy Selesner, director of Nubank’s cards area.

In the first phase of launch, the functionality was made available exclusively to members of NuCommunity, an online space dedicated to dialogue with Nubank customers, which today has more than 300 thousand users. As of this Thursday (21st), Pix no Crédito is available for a reduced portion of customers, being gradually released to the complete base in Brazil.

Currently, Nubank is the second financial institution in the country with the most registered Pix keys, according to the Central Bank of Brazil. Since the creation of the Nubank account in 2018, the company has been offering customers unlimited, fee-free transfers to all banks.

For Pix payments via checking account, Nubank also recently announced the innovation of Pix Recurrent, through which individual and corporate customers can schedule Pix transfers with a monthly and automated frequency.

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