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The Ministry of Mines and Energy reported this Wednesday (20) that, despite the Petrobras Eligibility Committee having considered ineligible, due to conflict of interests, the names sent by the federal government to compose the state-owned company’s Council, the ministry will forward the same indications.

As reported by the blog of journalist Valdo Cruz, the Petrobras Board of Directors approved, on July 18, a report by the Eligibility Committee that considered two names nominated by the Jair Bolsonaro government to compose the board ineligible, namely: the secretary- Executive of the Civil House, Jônathas Castro, and the Attorney General of the National Treasury, Ricardo Soriano.

Valdo Cruz: Petrobras Committee rejects two government nominees

Valdo Cruz: Petrobras Committee rejects two government nominees

In all, the Ministry of Mines and Energy sent Petrobras, on June 21 of this year, seven nominations to the Board of Directors, in addition to the name of Caio Paes de Andrade — already elected president of the company. The other five names nominated by the government were approved by the committee.

According to a note released by the ministry this Wednesday (20), the ministry “did not find the alleged impediments pointed out by the Petrobras Eligibility Committee”.

The statement also says that the ministry decided to forward the names, as “the necessary legal support” was not found.

In the assessment of the Petrobras Eligibility Committee, there may be a conflict of interest because Castro and Soriano, in their current positions, have access to privileged information that may go against Petrobras’ interests, favoring the government (majority shareholder of the state-owned company).

The Eligibility Committee has only the power to recommend the nomination or rejection of candidates to the board.

The election of the nominees to the Company’s Board of Directors is scheduled for August 19th, during the Extraordinary General Meeting already convened.

Petrobras’ board has 11 members. In addition to the eight appointed by the government, there are three elected by minority shareholders, holders of preferred shares and the company’s employees.

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