Transgender woman is transferred from prison after impregnating two inmates



A transgender woman who was imprisoned in a women’s penitentiary in the United States was transferred after impregnating two inmates. Demi Minor, 27, left an inmates-only prison on June 24 and was taken to facilities for young male offenders.

Dan Sperrazza, a spokesman for the New Jersey State Department of Corrections, told Fox News that Demi’s sexual relations with the two inmates were consensual. She transferred last month from Edna Mahan Correctional Facility to Youth Correctional Facility.

Demi is serving a 30-year sentence for manslaughter. She is currently the only woman incarcerated at the facility for young offenders and is housed at the facility for people in vulnerable conditions.

The transgender woman wrote on her blog on July 15 that she was forced to live in a male facility. In the publication, she accuses prison officers of having beaten her during the transfer.

This Sunday, Demi posted a message on her Twitter account. She wrote: “Thanks to all those who support and sent their love, I hate it here and most of all I am heartbroken by the abuse the Department of Corrections is carrying out.

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