Volkswagen designer reveals project never executed

In August 2013, the Kombi came out of line and went down in history without leaving a new generation or direct successor. The utility was unable to meet new safety laws, which would make front airbags and ABS brakes mandatory from the beginning of the following year. Volkswagen even launched a special farewell series: the Last Edition. But before that, he tried to update the vehicle’s design.

This is what Luiz Alberto Veiga, former Volkswagen designer, revealed. Retired since 2018, he worked on the creation of several national cars of the German brand, such as Fox, Logus, Pointer, in addition to different generations of Gol. This week, the stylist posted on Instagram two images of a proposal to create the new Kombi.

The first image shows two different style solutions for the front of the then new Kombi: one of them is more faithful to the original design, but adopts amoeboid-shaped headlights, in addition to more rounded turn signals. The other one brings a more radical change, with the application of rectangular style elements. In both, the steel bumpers give way to plastic parts.

In the second image, it is possible to see that the interior of the Kombi would also receive good news. The panel gained rounded and enveloping lines, including the storage compartment. However, some components, such as the interior air controls and the headlight and hazard lights buttons were kept. Finally, the steering wheel is similar to what was applied to the Gol line and the Beetle in the 1990s.

When did Volkswagen consider launching the new Kombi?

It is not clear in which year the design of the new Kombi was drawn up. However, judging by the vehicle’s license plate, it was in 1997, when the SUV underwent a minor upgrade, gaining a high roof, sliding side door and larger windows.

Other indications that the project dates from the 1990s are in the images themselves: the dashboard still displays a cassette player, while one of the proposals for the restyle of the front does not have a socket for the radiator. It is worth remembering that the model used the traditional air-cooled boxer engine until the end of 2005, when it was replaced by a liquid-cooled EA-111 engine.

past and future

In Brazil, Volkswagen produced the Kombi uninterruptedly between 1957 and 2013. The project underwent several updates, but never underwent radical changes. In Europe, the model was replaced in 1979: there, the brand’s range of utilities is in the seventh generation. The manufacturer has even unveiled the ID Buzz, an electric vehicle inspired by the Kombi.

Did you know that the Kombi holds the title of Volkswagen’s first national vehicle? Watch the video and learn more about the brand’s history in the country!

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