WHO warns of new hospitalizations and deaths

GENEVA, Jul 20 (EFE).- Global cases of covid-19 have doubled in the last month and a half, from around three million a week to six million today, the director general of the World Health Organization warned this Wednesday ( WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

“An increase in cases means there could be more hospitalizations and deaths in the coming weeks,” Tedros told a news conference, noting that the majority of current infections appear to belong to the BA.5 subline of the omicron variant, “by far the most contagious ever known.” “.

The director of the WHO said that the virus “will continue to evolve and we must be prepared for what it brings”, which is why he insisted again on the need for non-flexibility in the response to the pandemic.

“Some countries have already dismantled parts of their response plan and are therefore taking great risks,” he said.

Tedros added that “now is the time, when hospitals are not yet saturated, to address the gaps in follow-up, immunization, healthcare workers and resilience.”

“We will continue to see waves of infections, but we don’t want them to also turn into waves of hospitalizations and deaths,” said the WHO director-general, who insisted on the need to vaccinate health workers and the elderly in all countries.

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