With a goal in the last play of the game, Fortaleza loses to Bragantino away from home for Serie A – Play

With a goal in the last minute, the Strength was defeated 2-1 to Red Bull Bragantino, tonight Wednesday (20), at the Nabi Abi Chedid stadium, for the 18th round of the Brazilian Serie A.

Leão held the tie until the final minutes, but in the 49th minute, after a move by Hurtado, Gabriel Novaes scored the winning goal for Massa Bruta.

With the result, the Tricolor de Aço remains in the runner-up with 14 points, and waits for the end of the round to know the real distance to leave the Z4.

In the last round of the 1st round, the 19th, Leão receives Santos, on Sunday (24), at 7 pm at Castelão

The game

The match in Bragança Paulista started at an intense pace, with both teams scoring in a high block and trying not to let the opponent play.

With a lot of movement, Fortaleza and Bragantino alternated good offensive moments, with Leão slightly more dangerous in his attacks. In an attempt from outside the area, Matheus Vargas took a risk from outside the area and goalkeeper Cleiton defended.

After the tricolor domain, the home team grew in the match and created good chances. At 18 minutes, Marcelo Boeck took a punch in Miguel’s submission.

At 25, Miguel tried again, this time from the middle, with Marcelo Boeck palming out.

Fortaleza had a chance to reduce the score to get out of the Z-4 ​​but ended up defeated

Vinicius Palheta / Fortaleza EC

After the scares, Fortaleza tried to get out a little more and Moisés, the best player on the field for Leão, made a good individual move, hitting a strong low and Claiton defended from the headlines, sending it out.

In the final stretch of the 1st half, Bragantino put more pressure. In the 36th minute, Raul raised in the area, Alerrandro shared with Titi after Boeck’s indecision and the ball skimmed the post.

But following the move, Lucas Evangelista receives a throw, turns on Ronald, hits from outside the area and scored for Bragantino. The ball even deflected on Alerrandro before going in.

2nd period

The final stage of the game started with the home team pressing the Tricolor de Aço and being dangerous. At 4 minutes, Arthur took a risk from outside the area and goalkeeper Marcelo Boeck made a great save. Two minutes later, Miguel took a close free-kick and Boeck tapped.

After the pressure, Leão left more for the game in search of a tie and got it. In the 11th minute, Lucas Crispim took a corner and defender Brites scored with a header.

Defender Britez scored the equalizing goal for Fortaleza

Vinicius Palheta / Fortaleza EC

With the game tied, Massa Bruta intensified the pressure on the leonine goal. First, in the 16th minute, Marcelo Boeck worked on a charge for Artur. Two minutes later, Lucas Evangelista received in the small area and sent the crossbar.

After that, the game was very tight, with many tackles and defenses overcoming attacks.

In the final stretch of the game, the rhythm continued intense, but without chances of goal. With Robson and Felipe already on the field, Fortaleza scored very competently and did not let the insinuating Bragantino team create.

With well-placed defensive lines and warding off aerial danger, the Lion held the result. But Bragantino’s pressure increased in the final minutes, with Boeck saving in two shots from Lucas Cândido.

It was when, in the 49th minute, Fortaleza could not resist another onslaught from Braga: Hurtado crossed low and Gabriel Novaes took advantage, scoring the goal that defined Leão’s defeat.

Bragantino put pressure on in the final minutes and got their winning goal

Disclosure / Bragantino

Bragantino 2×1 Fortaleza: how was the real time



  • Marcelo Boeck; Ceballos, Brítez and Titi; Lucas Crispim, Ronald, Jussa, Juninho Capixaba and Matheus Vargas; Moses and Silvio Romero. Coach: Juan Pablo Vojvoda.


  • Cleiton; Aderlan, Léo Ortiz, Nathan and Luan Cândido; Lucas Evangelista, Raul and Miguel; Arthur, Alerrandro and Sorriso. Coach: Maurício Barbieri.


  • Serie A of the Brazilian Championship | 18th round.
  • Location: Nabi Abi Chedid, in Bragança Paulista (SP).
  • Date/Time: July 19, 2022 at 7pm.
  • Referee: Diego Pombo Lopez (BA).
  • Assistant 1: Fabricio Vilarinho da Silva (FIFA).
  • Assistant 2: Luanderson Lima dos Santos (BA).
  • Broadcast: Premiere, Verdinha AM 810 and Diário do Nordeste.

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