Abel evaluates the debut of reinforcements at Palmeiras and plays with the last bid in victory: “I don’t know how to explain” | palm trees

Abel Ferreira analyzed the performance of Verdão, which had the debuts of reinforcements Merentiel and López. The coach also said that he did not know how to explain what happened in the last play of the game, when Juninho lost the chance of an equalizer in the small area, without Weverton.

See Abel Ferreira's press conference after América-MG 0 x 1 Palmeiras

See Abel Ferreira’s press conference after América-MG 0 x 1 Palmeiras

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– López and Merentiel are players who need to develop. Ready players are expensive. Vanderlan debuted when I arrived and it’s a process that takes time. Merentiel still has a lot to grow, to learn. Manuel is very shy, we have to improve that. Miguel is the opposite, but they are players that we need to work on – summarized the coach.

Abel Ferreira in América-MG x Palmeiras — Photo: Fernando Moreno/AGIF

Merentiel was selected as a starter and had a lackluster display, while López came in in his place and did well. The shirt number 18 ended up as the Palmeiras player with the most submissions (4) in the match, had a chance of letter and even gave an assist to Gustavo Scarpa, who punctured at the time of submission.

The same striker, however, committed the foul in the last move of the game, which almost resulted in a tie. After being involved in a controversy over statements involving São Paulo’s luck or happiness in the elimination of the Copa do Brasil, Abel said he cannot explain the move.

Best moments: América-MG 0 x 1 Palmeiras, for the 18th round of the Brasileirão 2022

Best moments: América-MG 0 x 1 Palmeiras, for the 18th round of the Brasileirão 2022

– We knew it would be difficult, América-MG is a team that likes to play and counterattack. I won’t say it surprised me, but it gave us work. I don’t know how to explain this last move, whether it’s luck or something else. I only know how to explain it my way, we were lucky on the last move. I assume, I wonder if it’s luck or happiness. I leave it to you to explain,” he replied.

Abel spoke of luck again when he praised the cast. According to the coach, Palmeiras players are warriors, as they won the two games they played in the Brazilian after the elimination of the Copa do Brasil.

– The secret is easy, it’s work. We have to pay a price, to be successful, we have to pay that price. Not everyone is willing to pay that price. After the blow we took in the (Brazilian) Cup, these players are warriors. This team has a regular following, we will remain competitive in the Brazilian and being faithful to our principles. It is accepting the result, which is the fruit of our work. Today’s victory is fair, but I talked to my committee if we had taken the goal in the end. How would I explain this? If you can explain this last move to me. I’m a lucky coach.

"We can't even see rivals in the rearview mirror", celebrates Bocca |  The Voice of the Crowd

“We can’t even see rivals in the rearview mirror”, celebrates Bocca | The Voice of the Crowd

With 36 points, Palmeiras leads the Brasileirão with four ahead of Atlético-MG and Corinthians, the closest teams in the table.

Verdão now returns to São Paulo and hosts Internacional on Sunday, at 4 pm (GMT), at Allianz Parque, for the final round of the first round of the national championship.

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