Cameras catch thieves stealing four car wheels at once; ‘feeling of insecurity’, says owner | Pernambuco

A car was “plucked” at dawn this Thursday (21), in Boa Viagem, in the South Zone of Recife. Videos sent to WhatsApp show thieves stealing, at once, the four wheels of the vehicle, which was parked in front of a private school. “Feeling of insecurity at night”, said the owner of the car, Professor Adriano Moura (see video above).

According to the Civil Police, this was not the only crime of this type, in the early hours of this Thursday. Other cases were rescued in the West Zone of the capital and in Jaboatão dos Guararapes, in the Metropolitan Region.

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Security cameras captured the moment when the bandits crouched down next to the car, on Ministro Nélson Hungria Street.

One of them removed one of the wheels and put it in a car that was parked in front. The other man kept trying to remove the other tire.

In the video, a man told what was happening. “Look what they did to this citizen’s car this morning. For God’s sake, they left naked, took all the tires.”

Bandits stole four car wheels at once in Recife – Photo: Reproduction/WhatsApp

In an interview with TV Globo, this Thursday, Adriano Moura said that the car was outside the house. “I gave up the garage and, when I arrived, I noticed that all four wheels had been removed from the car. I called the insurance,” he commented.

Moura added that he went to work and then took action. “On the way back, I went to file the police report,” she said.

The professor said that residents of the street are insecure and there are several reports of crimes of the same type and in other forms.

Car lost all four wheels in Boa Viagem, Recife – Photo: Reproduction/WhatsApp

“They already tried to open my car on another night that I slept outside. They took both plates, probably to do cloning, get out of the bank or something like that”, he declared.

Moura also said that a neighbor reported that her car was also stolen. They took the sound equipment. “It’s not something new,” she said.

The case is being investigated by the Boa Viagem police station. Deputy Alessandro Orico stated that this was the first crime of its kind recorded since March.

“This same morning, there was a volume of this crime committed by this duo. We identify at least two, but it may be that there are more, who were inside the car giving support”.

The police officer also said that this pair also acted in the Jardim São Paulo neighborhood, in the capital, this very morning, and in Candeias and Piedade, in Jaboatão.

“The investigation is still ongoing. We need to see if there is a case of ordering this type of material”, he said.

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