Celebrities like Sabrina and Angelica have already revealed using toys

If before the use of sex toys was taboo, today the subject is treated more naturally. With the advancement of conversations about female pleasure and independence, celebrities are increasingly comfortable talking about sexuality and masturbation, whether in the press or on social media.

Celebrities like Angélica, Sabrina Sato, Eliane Giardini, Anitta and Gretchen have already opened up about the use of vibrators. Some of them reveal that they even have an extensive collection of paraphernalia.

Check out the celebrities who have already told that they use a vibrator:

Sabrina Sato

Sabrina Sato revealed that Eduardo Suplicy released his entry into the Senate - Reproduction/GNT - Reproduction/GNT

Sabrina Sato already talked about her ‘addiction’ to vibrators

Image: Reproduction/GNT

The presenter said on “Saia Justa” (GNT) that she has about 40 vibrators. “I’m getting rid of them, donating the used ones. I give them away and I get them too. I love them, I’m practically addicted to vibrators.”

Last year, Sabrina said that she got a sex toy from Juliana Paes at Christmas: “I met her just before Christmas and said she was having trouble getting back to having the same chemistry with Duda [Nagle] after having Zoe. Do you know what she gave me? A wonderful vibrator.”


Gretchen has a 'secret drawer' of vibrators - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Gretchen has a ‘secret drawer’ of vibrators

Image: Playback/Instagram

The rebolado queen has a “secret drawer” of toys and said that her husband, Esdras Souza, supports the use of vibrators: “He thinks it’s great for me to understand, to find out, and then we have even more pleasure together. you have to know that your wife has her intimacy”, he said. “It’s very cool. From the moment you allow yourself to play, prove that it’s cool, you have to test it, know if it’s good for you”, she concluded.

Hana Khalil

Hana Khalil lying down with sex toys, including vibrators - Playback/ Instagram @khalilhana - Playback/ Instagram @khalilhana

Hana Khalil lying down with sex toys, including vibrators

Image: Reproduction / Instagram @khalhana

The former BBB has a morning ritual that consists of shaving her tongue, cleaning her nose with saline and using her vibrator. In an interview with splashHana gave details of the habit.

“When we masturbate at night, we sleep better. In the morning, there are other effects, it’s as if we were ready for the day. […] A lot of people asked me how I have time to do this, but it’s not to spend an hour there doing it. And this little ring stimulates your clitoris and it’s a more punctual thing, and it’s amazing to be able to fit into your routine “, explained the influencer.

Eliane Giardini

Eliane Giardini - Globo/Paulo Belote - Globo/Paulo Belote

Eliane Giardini is also a fan of vibrators

Image: Globo/Paulo Belote

The actress told Veja that she is not looking for a romantic partner after spending 25 years married to fellow actor Paulo Betti and cited vibrators as a source of sexual well-being.

“I’m not looking, but I remain attentive. Anyway, there are other efficient ways to have sex all the time. Vibrators, for example: knowing how to use them, you won’t lack well-being”, he said.


Anitta displays a collection of vibrators on video - Playback/YouTube - Playback/YouTube

Anitta displays a collection of vibrators on video

Image: Playback/YouTube

The owner of the hit “Envolver” has already shown her collection of vibrators on social media and spoke openly about the use of toys: “I’m always discovering myself, I have several devices that help me and I think they make me find the way to reach in orgasm. If I am in a sexual act where the partner is not coming, is not going to my place that gives pleasure, I have no problem in directing that person to my place of comfort.”


Angelica in "Sunday with Huck" - Reproduction / TV Globo - Reproduction / TV Globo

Angélica’s speech about the use of a vibrator had repercussions on social networks

Image: Reproduction / TV Globo

The presenter was surprised by the sexist comments after saying in an interview that “vibrator is life”. For the presenter, the gadget has nothing to do with lack of satisfaction in sexual relations with her husband.

“The vibrator is just an ally in the relationship. It is part of the couple’s intimacy. It can be something more, in fact, not only in the woman’s self-knowledge, but in the man’s knowledge of you”, he said, in an interview with universe.

Bruna Marquezine

Bruna Marquezine - Reproduction/Instagram/Joa?o Viegas - Reproduction/Instagram/Joa?o Viegas

Actress Bruna Marquezine also spoke about the topic

Image: Reproduction/Instagram/Joa?o Viegas

The actress addressed the use of sex toys when talking about her sex life as a single:

“I don’t have sex just for pleasure. If that’s why, there are other ways to satisfy yourself. I can’t trivialize it. I hear this a lot: “Being single is fucked!”. I say: ‘Guys, it’s 2020, nobody has one. vibrator?'” he said. “I know it’s delicate to talk, I don’t like to open up my sex life… I can only relate to people I trust, admire and know, at least, a little bit”, he explained.

Ana Paula Tabalipa

Ana Paula Tabalipa did the opposite of other actresses and returns to Record after a short stint at Globo - Personal archive - Personal archive

Ana Paula Tabalipa, ex-Malhação, said she has a drawer of vibrators

Image: Personal archive

The actress and presenter of the Lifetime channel mentioned her vibrator drawer when taking stock of her personal life to Jornal O Globo. “I would like to end my life with a partner, not in the sense of having sex with her. Because for that I have a drawer of vibrators. Between jewelry and vibrator, I prefer vibrator that gives me more pleasure”, he said.

Gabi Martins

Single, Gabi Martins told how she will celebrate Valentine's Day - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Former BBB Gabi Martins defends the use of vibrators

Image: Playback/Instagram

In an interview with Gshow, the former BBB stated that she “defends, uses and loves” accessories.

“I like it and I have several… I use it alone and with a partner too. I’m in favor of pleasure, of feeling good and confident. to be with someone,” he said.

Marcela McGowan

VivaBem Connection with Marcela McGowan - Mariana Pekin/UOL - Mariana Pekin/UOL

Marcela McGowan has even gone through trouble with her vibrators

Image: Mariana Pekin/UOL

Marcela, Gabi’s former colleague on “BBB 20” (TV Globo), is a gynecologist and owner of a brand of vibrators. She, of course, is a fan of toys and says she has even used a vibrator in public. The erotic toy used was a vibrator attached to the panties that can be controlled by another person. The idea is to have an orgasm in public and try to disguise the sensation.

“Put it on your panties and go live your life. The person gets the controller or the app on the cell phone and you stay there, disguised”, he said.

She has also had a hard time while traveling. One of her vibrators turned on by itself on the way, while the gynecologist was accompanied by a private driver.

“I kept quiet. I left the thing there, I let the battery run out, I pretended to be crazy and he also pretended that he forgot at some point. As I was going to stop on the road, open my suitcase, open my vibrator bag, take out one by one until I saw which one of these colleagues was making me feel ashamed? I couldn’t. It was hilarious”, the ex-sister joked.

Melon woman

Melon Woman - Disclosure / Nelson Alves Jr.  - Disclosure / Nelson Alves Jr.

Melon Woman, famous on OnlyFans, also likes the accessories

Image: Disclosure/ Nelson Alves Jr.

Renata Frisson, aka Mulher Melão, is one of the Brazilians who earn the most on the adult content platform OnlyFans and is also a fan of vibrators. She also plans to open a virtual sex shop.

“I really like the vibrator. Wow, girl, I have one that I got there in Orlando… You don’t understand!”, detailed the model, adding that the piece in question is specific for clitoral stimulation. “It’s a delicious vibrator! How can you, right? I even have the project to open a virtual sex shop. The sex shop, in the pandemic, was something that was an explosion of sales”, she said.

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