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On its 120th anniversary, Fluminense has one more reason to celebrate. This Thursday (07/21), the club signed a contract with the architectural firm Apiacás and IDEC – Institute for the Development of Sport and Culture, for the revitalization of the stadium and the headquarters of Laranjeiras, respecting all the rules of tipping. The improvements will make it possible to hold official games, with a capacity of just over 7,000 people. What was a dream for a long time, begins to take shape and will come out of paper.

“I’m very happy with this progress. It’s a dream of the fans and the most important thing is to be a down-to-earth project. It was useless to have the illusion of creating a great work, which cannot be done. what can be done and offer a safe place for the fans. It was a transparent process and I feel honored to give this gift to Fluminense”, said president Mário Bittencourt.

With 22 years of existence and led by partners Anderson Freitas and Pedro Barros, the Apiacás office was chosen because it met the requirements of Fluminense and IDEC, with a master plan and a complete architectural project:

“A project like this is interesting and welcome because it was thought of by the club’s board, who understood it as a program that needed to be thought through calmly. It’s not a space that just needs to be restored, it needs to be rethought, reprogrammed and this goes beyond a simple revitalization, within new safety and modernization norms. The understanding is to analyze the club as a machine”, evaluated Anderson Freitas, partner of Apiacás.

As the clubhouse is a listed heritage, IDEC and INEPAC – State Institute of Cultural Heritage need to work together in the revitalization. INEPAC is dedicated to the preservation of the cultural heritage of the State of Rio de Janeiro, preparing studies, inspecting and inspecting listed works and goods, issuing technical opinions. The IDEC works as a link between the club and the architects:

“IDEC centralizes all the action, working to make changes possible and bring transparency. As it is a listed building, we organize the schedule with the engineers, we closely monitor the budgets and schedule. Our job is to follow what the legislation needs and account for everything. We can say what is possible or not, according to the rules and resources”, said Tainá Rodrigues, project analyst at IDEC.

It is worth remembering that Fluminense was a pioneer and built the first cement stadium in Latin America, the Laranjeiras Stadium, which will now be revitalized. Home of the South American National Team Championship, currently known as Copa América, and of the Latin American Olympic Games, currently known as the Pan American Games, it is known as the stadium where Brazil has never lost.

Text: Communication/FFC
Photos: Marina Garcia/FFC

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