Heitor Martins, Pit Bitoca, is kidnapped and spent 5 days in captivity

Comedian Heitor Martins, who plays the character Pit Bitoca, on TV Globo’s Zorra Total program, was kidnapped and spent five days in captivity. The artist reported the case on his social media and said he was released this week. The police investigate the case.

Credit: Reproduction/Instagram and TV GloboHeitor Martins, Pit Bitoca, is kidnapped and spent 5 days in captivity

He told on his social networks that he went to São José dos Campos to meet a woman he met on Tinder, a dating app, but who was kidnapped before arriving at the meeting. “Something happened to me this weekend. I was kidnapped, I spent five days in captivity, they even burned my car, robbed my house, but thank God, I’m fine, I’m alive and stronger now, with all your affection. So, everything was fine, thank God. I’m alive, everything went well. It was the material, but life is worth so much more than all these things,” he said.

Heitor Martins said he didn’t fall for a Tinder scam. “There was nothing more. There was no Tinder scam. They are creating things in their heads. I went to São José dos Campos to meet a girl from Tinder. Then I was caught there and I didn’t even find the girl. It was just. […] I went to meet a girl on Tinder, but it’s not a scam, ‘I fell for the scam’. I don’t know either. I’ve met several people on Tinder, I’m friends with them to this day. It’s a regular tool. Could there be bad people there? Of course. But I can’t tell you. I was caught before, I was in false imprisonment. […] I was released yesterday and so far I haven’t been able to sleep,” he said.

The comedian underwent examinations at the IML (Forensic Medical Institute) and IC (Criminalistics Institute), according to information from the Splash UOL website, which also stated that Heitor Martins gave a statement to the police and said he was forced to pass the passwords for his cards and hand over your house key to the kidnappers.

The case was registered at the São José dos Campos Sectional Police Station.

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