Lívia Andrade flaunts impressive back volume with a “mermaid” look on Instagram

Dare in production! Lívia Andrade decided to take the fans by surprise with her production to enjoy the night out this Wednesday (20th) at a nightclub in Miami. The presenter shocked netizens with her good shape and a devastating look that gave a lot to talk about!

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The blonde appeared “mermaid” with a super colorful and daring dress, which showed even more the curves of the presenter at the time. With breathtaking clicks, the muse played her “volumão” and made the joy of more than 10 million internet users.

“Mermaid on dry land”, joked the muse in the caption of the clicks. The crowd still left several comments to praise the blonde. “Perfect as always”, fired one netizen. “This look is devastating”, praised another, with heart emojis. “You look too beautiful in this photo”, extolled a third.

Lívia Andrade opens up about mental health on social media

Release the verb! Recently, Lívia Andrade used social networks to vent about the controversial launch of her new program, which will be shown on Band. The changes happened after the muse was fired from SBT, however, the beef didn’t stop there.

“We usually choose what we drink, what we eat and who we hang out with. But we don’t have the same criteria with news. They are simply shoved down our throats, we don’t even taste the lie. We swallow! This article is heavy and malicious with “one” intention, to harm”, wrote the blonde on her Twitter.

“And the thing doesn’t stop, it just goes downhill! Commitment to the truth, we don’t have! Fuck people’s mental health. Let me fight my anxiety and my rosacea. While we spend on medicine, they profit from your clicks”, concluded Lívia in her outburst.

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