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Jorgina Maria de Freitas, a former lawyer known as one of the biggest INSS (National Social Security Institute) fraudsters in the country’s history, died this Tuesday (19), at age 71, at the Adão Pereira Nunes Municipal Hospital, in Duque. from Caxias (RJ).

According to a note from the City Hall of Duque de Caxias, the ex-convict had been hospitalized at the place since December last year, when she suffered a car accident, the victim of a rollover. She had severe head trauma and was in serious condition.

Death was confirmed at 1 pm on Tuesday, after attempts to revive the patient, who had cardiorespiratory arrest, says the Municipal Health Department.

“The hospital management reports that during the period of hospitalization in the unit, the patient maintained a serious state of health, with TQT (tracheostomy) and little response to sensory stimuli”, says the text. Her body was sent to the IML (Legal Medical Institute) because she was a victim of a traffic accident.

What was the gang’s action like?

The lawyer was part of a gang that involved the action of prosecutors and a judge. The group assisted needy policyholders and, on behalf of the citizens, filed lawsuits. Prosecutors belonging to the gang made very high corrections, which were confirmed by the judge, also belonging to the group.

Social Security was then condemned and paid the amount. At the time, the estimated loss was between R$ 300 million and R$ 500 million, which was equivalent to half of the social security budget. The case came to light in 1992.

Jorgina fled the country in the same year and had several plastic surgeries to avoid being recognized. In 1994, she was located in Miami, United States, where she had business and real estate. The Brazilian government asked for his arrest and extradition, which was granted. But Jorgina fled again, this time to Costa Rica.

In Brazil, she was sentenced in absentia by the courts to 14 years and 11 months in prison, in two different sentences. After being on the run for five years, she surrendered on November 3, 1997 to the Costa Rican police, where she was hiding.

The gang in which Jorgina is accused of participating operated between 1990 and 1991 and was made up of 315 people, including lawyers, judges, Judiciary officials and INSS attorneys.

She served 14 years in prison in a closed regime and even coordinated the “Miss Presidiária” contest when she served time at the Talavera Bruce Penal Institute, in Rio. In 2007, she benefited from the semi-open regime.

In December 2010, the Justice of Rio determined that assets worth approximately R$ 2 million should be auctioned. Last year, one of the farms she kept in Rio de Janeiro went up for auction. The property, located in Petrópolis, was valued at R$ 926 thousand. Of the total diverted, about R$ 80 million were recovered.

Welfare claims to fight fraud

In a note, the Ministry of Labor and Welfare said it reaffirmed its commitment to fighting fraud. “Since the 90’s, it has an intelligence area specialized in the identification and investigation of structured fraud with great harmful potential”, the text states.

According to the agency, the social security task force, which takes place in partnership with the Federal Police and the Federal Public Ministry, has been in operation for 22 years and has already carried out more than 1,100 joint actions. “In these investigations, 10,409 judicial warrants were fulfilled, of which 2,701 were for arrest, 6,371 for search and seizure, 1,246 for coercive conduct and 145 warrants for suspension of public or private activity”, informs the agency.

The economy estimated by the ministry with the actions is at least R$5.7 billion, including future payments that will no longer be made due to the dismantling of criminal schemes.

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