Michel Temer denies coup in 2016 and says Dilma is ‘honest’

former president michel temer
Former president said there was no coup in 2016, but “fulfillment of the Federal Constitution” (photo: Alan Santos/PR)

Former president Michel Temer (MDB) said yesterday (7/21) that former president Dilma Rousseff (PT) is “very honest” and that her impeachment process was the result of political problems, such as “the PT’s difficulty in relating to with the National Congress and with society”.

He also cited fiscal pedaling and called the issue “an extremely technical thing”. The former president also maintained the position that there was no coup in 2016, but “compliance with the Federal Constitution”.

“Sometimes they talk about corruption, but it’s a lie. She (Dilma) is honest. What I know, and I was able to follow it, although she was on the sidelines of the government and although she was vice president, there is nothing that can call her corrupt. , very honest. There were political problems. She had difficulties in her relationship with the National Congress, she had difficulties in her relationship with society and had the so-called ‘pedaladas’, an extremely technical thing, decreed by the Federal Court of Auditors. took crowds to the streets,” said Temer.

The former president also defended that the population would have been responsible for removing Dilma from the post of president. “Whoever overthrows a president by impeachment is not Congress. It is the people on the street that influence. If there are no people on the street, there is no possibility of a negative manifestation in Congress,” he said.

The former president also refuted the idea, defended by the PT, that he was one of those responsible for the impeachment of PT and, consequently, of what is now classified by many as a coup.

“I did not participate in any coup. When the so-called prosecution began in the Chamber of Deputies, I came to So Paulo and stayed in my office for several weeks for a reason that, I recognize, exists: that the deputy is always the first suspect. I only came back in the last week, when everyone looked for me and warned me that I needed to be in Brasilia, because the Chamber was going to vote on the indictment and then refer it to the Senate. I didn’t participate in a coup at all and I don’t even think there was a coup. compliance with the Federal Constitution.”

Asked about the years of Jair Bolsonaro’s (PL) term, Temer said that the president made a “big political mistake” by denying vaccination against COVID-19. “If he, right from the start, had taken on the fight against the pandemic, called governors, imported vaccines, visited the states, it would have produced an extraordinary benefit for him. He works against himself,” he said.

Temer also denied having helped Bolsonaro on the 7th of September last year. “I helped Brazil. I help to pacify Brazil, when they call me”, he pointed out.

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