New ID card starts to be issued next week

The new National Identity Card (CIN) begins to be issued next Tuesday (26/7). According to decree 10.977/2022, the new document will adopt the CPF as a general, unique and valid registration for the entire country.

According to the Federal Revenue, the first cards will be issued in Rio Grande do Sul, next Tuesday. Afterwards, the new document can be published in Acre, Distrito Federal, Goiás, Minas Gerais and Paraná.

There is still no forecast of how much the document can be distributed in other states.

In a note, the Federal Revenue pointed out that, at this first moment, the new identities will be registered only for citizens who have the information in the CPF according to their updated certificates.

“Citizens who do not have or have incorrect information on the CPF may use the remote service channels of the Federal Revenue Service to resolve their situation. In the future, the civil identification bodies themselves will make new registrations and updates in the CPF”, informed the body.

Even with the update of the identity card, the current RG is still valid for 10 years.

How to correct information in CPF?

To update CPF information, the citizen should look for the Federal Revenue website, through this link. In some cases, the procedure generates a care protocol.

In these situations, the user can send their documents to the Federal Revenue by e-mail. To update the CPF by e-mail, it is necessary to attach the following documents:

  • official identity document with photo;
  • birth or marriage certificate, if the identity document does not include place of birth, parentage or date of birth;
  • proof of residence;
  • photo of the face (selfie) of the citizen (or legal guardian, if applicable) holding their own identity document

For citizens aged 16 or 17:

  • if requested by one of the parents, official photo ID of the applicant (one of the parents).

For minors under 16, guardians or subject to custody:

  • official identity document with photo of the applicant (one of the parents, guardian or guardian);
  • document proving guardianship or responsibility for custody, as the case may be, of the incapable person.

For citizens with disabilities and over 18 years old (requested by a relative up to the 3rd degree)

  • medical report attesting the disability;
  • official identification document with photo of the applicant (spouse, cohabitant, ascendant, descendant or collateral relative up to the 3rd degree);
  • document proving the relationship.

After attaching the documents, the request must be sent by email to one of the following addresses:

Email addresses for identity update
Email addresses for identity update

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