Packages for Noronha! Flights plus accommodation from 4 to 7 nights from R$ 1,681 departing from São Paulo and other cities

Opportunity to visit Fernando de Noronha saving on airfare and accommodation! We found four to seven night travel packages in the paradisiacal Brazilian archipelago from R$1,681 per person in double accommodation!

The announced value is departing from São Paulo, but there are options from Recife from R$1,271, and from Brasília, Navegantes, Goiânia, Rio de Janeiro, Vitória and more cities from R$1,799. See all options at the end of the psot.

When opening the links, a suggested package with good flights and well-reviewed accommodations will be highlighted. To find the cheapest fare, simply click on the “Cheapest” button, which will arrange all options in ascending order of value. You can also use the filters to find flights and accommodation that best fit your traveler profile and your pocketbook!

We have already made a good selection of hotels, all of them with a score above 8.0 on For those who want a more economical stay, the good options are the inns Guedes Noronha, Boldro Home, Alquimista, Topázio and Sueste.

For even more comfortable and cost-effective accommodation, we suggest the inns Morro do Farol and Atobá, which have more modern accommodations, in addition to a location and breakfast praised by guests.

See all the package options for Fernando de Noronha and enjoy!

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