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Solange Gomes during the first vote that defined the participants of the Survival Challenge

Solange Gomes during the first vote that defined the participants of the Survival Challenge

Solange Gomes fans already know that she will be one of the winners of the first Ilha Record 2 Survival Challenge. All because the station committed a huge gaffe and made the situation evident even before showing the former Gugu Bathtub being the most voted by opponents of confinement to leave the competition.

Before the program actually started, Record released several teasers with random and disconnected scenes to make the famous “heat up”, leaving the public curious about the scenes that will be shown throughout the season.

And one in particular caught my attention. In the video below you can see Solange saying that this week she will have many voting options to eliminate from the game. The outfit she wears at this moment is very different from the one she wore in yesterday’s episode (20), which shows us that she is indeed participating in the second round of votes in confinement.

And for her to participate in this moment, she still needs to be in the game. That is, one of her opponents in the Survival Challenge that will be shown this Thursday night (21) will leave the treasure hunt: Kaik Pereira or Kaio Viana. Some profiles on Twitter are already reporting that the actor will also return to the game, while the funkeiro will be sent directly to Exílio and will accompany Vitória Bellato.

Watch the video that proves that Solange will participate in the new round of voting, confirming her victory in the challenge that will still air:

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