Sister says student who died at Luísa Sonza’s concert was purple

Andreia Moraes, sister of Alice Moraes, 27, who died during a concert by singer Luísa Sonza in Porto Alegre on the 16th, said she had questioned the professional responsible for on-site care about administering medication and checking vital signs. of the student. She also stated that she even saw her purple sister.

In an interview with the program “Bom Dia Rio Grande”, on TV Globo’s affiliate RBS TV, she said that the nurse stated that she had not applied any medication because Alice had undergone bariatric surgery – a surgical procedure performed on the stomach, intestine or both digestive system) indicated for the control of obesity.

“I asked the professional if they had given her any medication, if they had seen her vital signs, and she said that it would not be necessary, that they could not give her medication, because she was ‘ex-bariatric’ and that we had to take it off. her from there, because she already had a lot of time, and that she just needed to go home and sleep”, he said.

Andreia also said in the interview that she saw her purple sister and did not respond to any attempt at stimulation.

“She was already purple, with a purple mouth, she no longer had any kind of response and they took me out of the ambulance to start the resuscitation maneuvers. After half an hour, two ambulances arrived, one from the same company and a SAMU By then the police had already arrived and she had already died”, he said.

understand the case

The Civil Police of Rio Grande do Sul is investigating the death of Alice Moraes, 27, during a concert by singer Luísa Sonza in Porto Alegre on the 16th.

According to people who were with the veterinary medicine student at the show, which took place at Pepsi On Stage, she felt sick and was treated in the ambulance that was in the service of the producer of the event.

In contact with splash, delegate Alexandre Vieira, responsible for the case, says that it is premature to talk about negligence. “The family complains about the medical care on site. But I’m listening to people. We’ve heard family members, medical attendants, production personnel and it’s premature to talk about it. [negligência] now. People might be emotional about the episode. You have to formalize everything first to hear a demonstration in this sense, “she declared.

He reported that it is still not possible to confirm what caused Alice’s death.

In a note, Opinião Produtora, organizer of the event, said it was touched by what happened to the student.

The report also contacted Transul Emergencies Medicas, responsible for the ambulance that provided the emergency service at the show, and is awaiting a return from the company’s legal advice.

splash contacted Luísa Sonza’s advice, who informed through a note that the singer “contacted the family in solidarity with the situation”.

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