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It is already in the hands of Carlos Fonseca, president of Vasco’s Deliberative Council, the opinion of the Special Commission on the proposal of 777 Partners to acquire 70% of the future Sociedade Anônima do Futebol (SAF) Vasco.

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After more than three weeks poring over the hundreds of pages that make up the binding proposal, the committee sent the opinion on Thursday night to the club’s secretariat, with a copy to Fonseca. The analysis officially started on the 27th of last month.

Carlos Roberto Osório, 1st General VP of Vasco, shows CT Moacyr Barbosa to 777 Partners executives — Photo: Caio Lima / CRVG

The document of more than 50 pages is ready since the beginning of the week, practically. The last few days were just review, final adjustments and signature collection.

With the conclusion of this stage, the next step in the approval rite is to convene the Deliberative Council to vote, but this cannot be done while the injunction obtained by the Alerj Consumer Rights Commission that suspends any convening act concerning to SAF.

Earlier this Thursday, judge Lúcia Regina Esteves de Magalhães declared herself suspicious and requested the redistribution of Vasco’s request, which appealed last Monday to overturn the injunction. The instrument grievance will now be appreciated by another magistrate in the coming days, which further delays the Vasco program.

"Vasco's academy is a fortress that deserves greater investment"says Juan Arciniegas, from 777 Partners, in an interview with Capelo

“Vasco’s academy is a fortress that deserves greater investment”, says Juan Arciniegas, from 777 Partners, in an interview with Capelo

The Deliberative Council meeting must take place five days after the call. Then, the next and final step of the rite is the convening of the Extraordinary General Meeting, where the partners will have the last word and decide whether or not to approve the sale of 70% of Vasco’s future SAF to 777 Partners.

The club hopes to complete this process before the end of the transfer window, which ends on 15 August. The objective is to count on the financial power of the American group to reinforce the cast even in this Series B.

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