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Spotify, a streaming app available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones, has several little-known features that can be very interesting. The platform offers, for example, features that allow the user to get to know his own musical taste better or even diversify the playlists he listens to. In addition, it is also possible to discover nearby shows in the region and listen to music while driving through GPS integration. Here are six Spotify tricks you need to know.

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Spotify has a tool that lets you create a personalized playlist with songs from up to five different artists. Through the platform’s official website, the user chooses their favorite bands and musicians, and the streaming itself generates the playlist with random songs by the artists.

The playlist is saved in the app and can be edited manually, if the listener wants to add and/or remove compositions. It is also possible to share with other people who will also be able to remodel the list.

To access the feature, go to “” in your mobile browser and tap “Get started”. Select the number of artists that will be in the group and then enter the name of the singers. Then choose what you will call the “band” and press “Listen to their playlist” to hear the selection.

Spotify allows you to create a group with up to five artists — Photo: Reproduction/Flávia Fernandes

2. Match another user

Another streaming feature is the option to ask the app to create a playlist that matches your music preferences with that of another user. The feature analyzes the two profiles and joins songs that can please both of them into a single playlist. Each person can send up to ten invitations to the combinations via WhatsApp, email or social networks.

To create a match, go to the magnifying glass icon and open the “Made for you” section. Then tap on the “Create a match” option and select “Invite”. Then send the invitation via WhatsApp, email or social media. Once the request is accepted, go back to the “Made for you” tab and see the available combination.

Spotify’s Match Playlist brings together songs that combine the tastes of both people — Photo: Reproduction/Rodrigo Fernandes

3. Find upcoming shows by artists and bands

It is possible with Spotify to discover shows on nearby dates that will take place in the region where you are. The “Live Events” function updates the stream with concert indications, according to the user’s musical preferences. The feature also makes it possible to see a singer’s or band’s full concert schedule, even if the performance takes place in a distant location. In addition, you can be directed directly to the ticket purchase page on sites such as Ticketmaster, Eventbrite and See Tickets.

To access the functionality, go to the magnifying glass icon in the app and scroll down until you find the term “Live Events”. Then, the platform will display the shows with dates closest to you and according to your musical preferences. To see the venue and find out how to buy tickets, just press the desired event.

Discover the events of your favorite artists on Spotify — Photo: Reproduction/Flávia Fernandes

4. Listen to music on Spotify while driving

Another possibility of streaming is listening to music in the car, integrated with GPS or via Bluetooth/USB cable. The first option can be done in Google Maps or Waze, route apps available for Android and iPhone (iOS). The feature inserts a minimized player to the GPS to play songs, playlists and podcasts on the streaming service.

To access the functionality, go to the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen and press the “Connect to other apps” option. Select the desired navigation service and tap “Connect”. Then the app will redirect you to the selection. Then press “Allow” to activate the function and then “Spotify”.

Another alternative is to connect the mobile device to the car’s USB port or connect it to the vehicle’s multimedia device via Bluetooth. To do this, activate Bluetooth on your smartphone and also on the sound panel. Once paired, open Spotify and choose what you want to hear to be played directly in the car.

Action to authorize the use of Spotify on a Google Maps account — Photo: Reproduction/Marvin Costa

5. Listen to an artist’s “Radio”

Spotify features “Radio” functionality, which allows you to listen to songs based on any artist, album, playlist or song. When the feature is enabled, streaming creates a playlist with compositions similar to the one chosen by the user.

To use the function, access the desired song or artist and tap the three dots. Then select “Go to Radio”. Okay, the playlist will be created. To save the playlist to the streaming library, just tap the heart icon.

Radio function on Spotify creates playlist with songs similar to the selected artist or song — Photo: Reproduction/Flávia Fernandes

6. Check history of most recently played or most listened songs

The service also provides access to the user’s playback history. The function displays everything that has been listened to in the last three months by default. To view the list, just go to “Home” in the app and press the clock icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

A different possibility to check which songs were played most recently or with the highest number of repetitions is to access the website “”, which can be opened via cell phone. After granting access permission to Spotify account, select from the options: “”Top Tracks”, “Top Artists” or “Top Genres” to see a list with the most listened compositions, singers or genres.

Stats for Spotify website shows the most listened to songs, artists and genres on Spotify — Photo: Reproduction/Flávia Fernandes

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