Young man who died at Sonza concert had cardiac arrest, says company

Transul Emergencies Medicas, the company responsible for the ambulance that provided emergency service at the show by Luísa Sonza in which the student Alice Moraes died last Saturday (16), reported that the patient had a cardiorespiratory arrest in attendance, according to a note obtained by splash. The Civil Police of Rio Grande do Sul is investigating the circumstances of the death.

“Around 3:30 in the morning, we received a request for assistance from ‘Alice Moraes’, 27, from the security guards at the event, who was taken by them to the ambulance. An ambulance was attended to. […] Right after initial regulation [a] patient evolves quickly with worsening of the general condition, going into cardiorespiratory arrest”, informed Transul in an official note sent by the legal department.

“Immediately, care was started according to the BLS (Basic Life Support) protocol and an Ambulance with Advanced Support – USA resource was activated for on-site care, with a care protocol being maintained until the moment when he was instructed to stop cardiopulmonary resuscitation by an ambulance doctor. [do] SAMU present at the scene and who certified the patient’s death”, he adds.

Transul also said that the patient “received all possible care and assistance”. According to the company, she reinforces that all protocols were followed, except the removal of the patient, because she died in the displacement of the SAMU (Emergency Mobile Care Service).

“It is important to highlight that private companies need an interaction with [o] SAMU to carry out the removal of any patient”, says a statement sent by lawyer João Adriano Da Silveira Vianna.

1 - Reproduction/ Google Maps/ Transul Medical Emergencies - Reproduction/ Google Maps/ Transul Medical Emergencies

Transul mourned the young woman’s death, sympathized with the family and said it did ‘all possible care and assistance’

Image: Reproduction/ Google Maps/ Transul Medical Emergencies

the young woman’s death

According to people close to Alice Moraes, she felt sick at the show that took place at Pepsi On Stage, being treated in the ambulance that was at the service of the event’s producer.

Camila Rodrigues, Alice’s friend, said in an interview with “Bom Dia Rio Grande” (RBS TV) that the young woman started to feel bad after only 30 minutes of presentation and decided to go to the bathroom.

Minutes later, Camila would have received a message from Alice saying she was in the ambulance and went to the scene.

“I found her unconscious, sitting next to the ambulance in a white chair lying down. I asked the nurse how she got there and texted me if she was unconscious, and the nurse reported that she wrote the message herself. They told me they found her unconscious in the bathroom,” said the friend.

Andréa Moraes, Alice’s sister, said she questioned the professional about the student’s medication and vital signs check. The nurse would have said it wouldn’t be necessary.

“[Ela afirmou] that they couldn’t give her medication because she had a bariatric surgery, that we had to get her out of there because she had been there for a long time and she needed to go home to sleep”, he told the network.

Seeing that her sister already had a purplish color, she again drew the attention of the professionals. According to Andrea, they tried a resuscitation maneuver, but it was too late.

Friends and family members of the veterinary student reported on social media the precariousness of medical care and the lack of condolences on the part of the artist, of whom Alice was a fan.

My friend’s sister died at the concert @luisasonza for lack of on-site medical care. She may not have control over it, but at least she could have paid her condolences, right, no condolences?… I love Luisa but keeping quiet about it is problematic

— gab (@Gabzuski) July 20, 2022

imagine being a fan of @luisasonzadie on the show and not receive any “my condolences” because it’s right….. fuck

— gab (@Gabzuski) July 20, 2022

What do the police say?

In contact with splashdelegate Alexandre Vieira, responsible for the case, says that it is premature to talk about negligence.

“The family complains about the medical care on site. But I’m listening to people. We’ve heard family members, medical attendants, production personnel and it’s premature to talk about it. [negligência] now. People might be emotional about the episode. You have to formalize everything first to hear a demonstration in this sense, “she declared.

He reported that it is still not possible to confirm what caused Alice’s death. “The expertise was not ready, it takes a while,” said Vieira.

In a note, Opinião Produtora, organizer of the event, said it was touched by what happened to the student.

“We follow all the requirements and protocols of events. The producer awaits the outcome of the investigation to have an elucidation of the fact. We remain available to provide further clarification”, says the text.

UniRitter, the college where Alice studied, published a note of condolence. “At this sensitive time, the UniRitter team expresses its solidarity and sends its sincerest condolences to family and friends.”

splash also contacted Luísa Sonza’s advice, who informed through a note that the singer “contacted the family in solidarity with the situation”.

On Twitter, she gave more details: “I only found out about everything that happened yesterday and I’m devastated about it. My concern before was talking to the family. First I asked to find the mother or sister’s number and then come and say something publicly. strength to the family and I hope the case will be investigated as soon as possible”.

I only found out yesterday about everything that happened and I’m devastated by it. My concern before was talking to the family. First I asked to find the mother’s or sister’s number to come and say something publicly. I wish the family a lot of strength and hope that the case is investigated as soon as possible.

— LUISA SONZA (@luisasonza) July 21, 2022

Check out Transul’s full note

Official Note

TRANSUL Emergencies Medicas comes to the public to express its opinion on attendance to the cultural event held at the Pepsi On Stage event house in Porto Alegre, on 07/16/2022.

A Basic Support Ambulance – USB was hired, according to ordinance 2048/2002 of the Ministry of Health, to attend the event from 5:00 pm to 5:00 am.

Around 3:30 am we received, from the security guards of the event, a request for assistance to ‘Alice Moraes’, 27 years old, who was taken by them to the ambulance. Ambulance service and medical regulation were carried out in order to remove the patient for urgent and emergency service.

Soon after initial regulation, the patient rapidly evolved with worsening of the general condition, entering cardiorespiratory arrest, immediately started care according to the BLS (Basic Life Support) protocol and an Ambulance with Advanced Support – USA resource was activated for on-site care, with the protocol being maintained. of care until the moment when he was instructed to stop cardiopulmonary resuscitation by the SAMU ambulance doctor present at the scene and who certified the patient’s death.

Subsequently, police authorities were informed about the fact.

Pursuant to Brazilian legislation, we are not allowed to provide personal data, reports, exams or patient care bulletins, except to their legal representatives, police authority or by court order.

We deeply regret the outcome of the event and offer our solidarity and condolences to the family.

We remain available to collaborate with whatever is necessary to clarify facts related to the service.

Our legal body, in the person of Dr. João Adriano Da Silveira Vianna

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