Alleged Corinthians third shirt leaks on the internet; see what we know

Images of the alleged new Corinthians third shirt are circulating on social media. The model, as previously released, brings references to the World title won in 2012.

The supposed model that circulates in the networks is white, with Japanese inscriptions all over the shirt. The club’s symbol is entirely black and the collar, also black, bears the Japanese flag – see leaked model below.

The report of My Helm talked to people from the club who had access to the shirt and participated in meetings that defined the final model. According to the sources heard, the leaked model resembles what will be released, but has very strong differences..

According to people heard, the color of the shirt that is circulating on the networks is wrong and the Japanese characters are not the same. In addition, the collar and sleeves of the model are also different than what is supposed to be published.

Also sought after by the report, Nike, Corinthians material supplier, did not confirm the new model. The brand stated that “it develops several prototypes before reaching the final model”.

It is worth mentioning that the first two uniform models already released this season refer to the glorious year of 2012 in the history of Corinthians. That season, Timão won the unprecedented Libertadores title in an unbeaten way, in addition to the World Cup twice. Both titles complete a decade in 2022. The II shirt was released in May, while the first was released the month before.

Check out the images of the alleged third shirt of Corinthians

Images of what would be the new Corinthians third shirt;  sources heard by My Tim

Images of what would be the new Corinthians third shirt; sources heard by Meu Timão point out differences with the final model

Playback / Internet

Sources listened to by My Tim

Sources heard by Meu Timão pointed out differences in color, Japanese inscriptions, sleeves and shirt collar

Playback / Internet

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